6 Planets In Retrograde, Be Extra Careful Until June 26th

Just when you thought the cosmos were calming down, June brings six planetary Retrogrades our way…in the middle of eclipse season. Mercury  Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all spinning backward this month.

When a planet goes into retrograde, the motion of the planet in the sky appears to be going backward relative to Earth’s location in space. But, it’s not. Have you ever driven past another car on the road and it looks like it’s going backward? This is a good analogy for retrograde motion.

Retrograde is a time for revision. A retrograde planet is associated with “re-” words, such as review, reflection, revise, reconsider, remember, rebel, return, revive. And for good reason. Even though we are in the midst of difficult times, the stars are primed to help us realign ourselves.

All this celestial chaos will make us rethink and revise our plans for the future and act as catalysts for change. But personal growth takes time, and these planetary moonwalks will give us all emotional growing pains. Here’s an idea of what you can look forward to, courtesy of all six Retrogrades.


Communicative Mercury is lost in emotions during its Retrograde, bringing deep feels to the surface from June 17 to July 12.

Life: Mercury’s backstroke in Cancer will bring a lot of repressed emotions to the surface. You’ll finally release what’s been buried.

Love: Who do you love? This Retrograde allows you to focus on how you feel about those who have a place in your heart.

Work: You’ll be reassessing your sense of security during these weeks—both professional and financial.


Planet of love, money, and social norms, Venus went retrograde on May 13 and will continue until June 25.

Life: You’re questioning the roles you play in society. Making a change in the world is more important than ever now. It’s time to take a stand.

Love: Shake-ups and breakups are happening, which may leave you scratching your head for answers and overthinking past romances. Also, watch out for a text from an ex.

Work: The praise you’ve been hoping for might be delayed, or it just isn’t enough. Speak up and make sure you’re recognized.


Taskmaster Saturn is assessing karmic duties and responsibilities during its Retrograde, which began on May 10 and lasts until September 29.

Life: It’s time to own up and boss up. We all need to take responsibility for past mistakes at this moment. Don’t pass the buck!

Love: This is a time to rethink commitments. Are you happy in an existing relationship? Do you want to take a situationship to the next level? Chances are, you do.

Work: You’ll be experiencing a power play at work—it’s time to define better boundaries and create your personal professional vision. Do you right now!


Expansive planet Jupiter began moving retrograde on May 14 and will continue until September 12.

Life: You’re thirsting for clarity, which has you looking high and low to find out the truth.

Love: An optimistic vibe allows you to open your heart—but proceed with caution.

Work: If you don’t love what you do, you may be second-guessing your career.


Illusive Neptune will be back-splashing in the celestial seas from June 22 to November 28.

Life: Reality is tough—especially when illusions are stripped away and you’re forced to see people and situations as they truly are.

Love: You’re learning shocking truths about others. Keep your ears and eyes wide open.

Work: You may want to change the direction of your professional goal. What you once wanted no longer applies.


From April 25 to October 4, transformative Pluto brings cathartic changes our way as it moonwalks in the cosmos.

Life: You’ll have to face your shadow shelf over the next few months. Owning up to your part in situations will be hard—especially when you think you’re right.

Love: Jealous thoughts and power struggles may consume your thoughts at the moment. But you’ll be able to squash your insecurities, fears, and doubts by meditating on your true feelings.

Work: Who’s the boss? You’ll want to take the lead on a work project, which might make others feel like you’re stepping on their toes. Be a team player.

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