A Drone Over A Medieval Fest Gets Taken Down By Spear, And It Was Epic

This probably isn’t the type of drone strike you’re used to hearing about.

Anyone that’s ever gone to a Medieval festival knows that its not cool to bring modern technology to a place where it doesn’t belong.

People frown at you if you’re chatting on a cellphone while walking through a Viking settlement. It ruins the ‘ambiance’ and the illusion for the people around you.

On such a day, under similar circumstances, a participant in a mock battle in Rusborg, Russia decided to take matters into his own hands when he spotted a drone flying just overhead.

Because in Soviet Russia, drone doesn’t strike you. You strike drone!

I’ve never been to a Renaissance fair, but if I ever do go to one, I want the reenactors to be as authentic as this guy was.

Outstanding work, sir!

Source : ScienceEnthusiast

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