Aldi Is Selling a $40 Boho Swing And It’s The Item We’ve All Been Looking For

We’ve been looking for something to hang from the tree in our backyard at our new home.

In fact, my kids were so bored during the stay-at-home orders that they took two sheets and tied them together to make a hammock swing! It actually worked!

Thing is, the sheet swing was kind of an eyesore and also felt a little dangerous to me haha! But Aldi has something way cooler!

They are now carrying a Boho Hanging Chair that you can swing in! It also holds up to 300 lbs so that seems quite a bit more safe than the tied up sheets option.

This would look so pretty hanging from a tree. A nice place to chill and read too! You can even hang them from a stand and place it on a deck in a garden area as this lady did!

Some people even install them indoors! They make a great spot for kids to sit and read or play a game! There are so many ways to make use of them, I kind of want one in the house like this kid!

It is super affordable it’s priced at only about $39.99 at your local Aldi store!

Even dogs love boho swinging chairs, just look at this sweet little swingin’ Pug! I doubt my dogs could fit!

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