Artist Creates Hilarious Illustrations From Random Conversations He Overheard

Some people often say the weirdest things when they are having a private conversation. For other people who overhear some parts of a conversation, it can be cringe-worthy and even hilarious.

Avner Geller, Dreamworks Animation artist, found a way to visualize such conversations. He started a series called #ThingsThatIHear. This series featured funny illustrations and colorful scenes to match the content of the conversation.

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A huge part of what Geller depicts is hilarious, and he draws them in retro style. The series feature people lodging complaints, giving relationship advice, and proving that life today increasingly revolves around social media and apps.

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It shines some light on different instances that show how ridiculous the human existence is. One features a man taking pictures from a lookout point. While he kneels to capture the shot, another impatient woman says he can find better pictures on Google as she beckons on him to leave.


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