Buddhist Experts Claim 200-year Old Mummified Monk Is “Still Alive”

Monk still believed to be alive be after being in a deep meditative state for 200 years.

A mummified human body, about 200 years old, covered with animal skin, was discovered in Mongolia. It is believed the man is in ‘deep meditation’ and ‘not dead’ as he was found in the cross-legged lotus pose. So, not only was he still in a sitting position, but his open palms were placed on top of each other in the ‘dhyana mudra’.

After a number of medical examinations, it appears this well-preserved body belonged to a Mongolian monk. According to Dr. Barry Kerzin, a famous Buddhist monk and doctor to the Dalai Lama, the monk is in tukdam or one of the deepest stages of meditation.

Dr. Kerzin had previously taken care of some meditators in a tukdam state. He claims that if the person could remain in this state for more than three weeks, which doesn’t happen too often, his body would gradually shrink and in the end only the person’s hair, nails and clothes would remain. When this happens, the people who live next to the monk see a rainbow that shines in the sky for a couple of days, meaning he has found a ‘rainbow body’. Dr. Kerzin says this is the highest state next to the state of Buddha.

Thus, researchers at the Mongolian Buddhist Art Institute have concluded the mummified monk is still alive, in quite a rare spiritual state, which is why he won’t be buried. Instead, he will be studied, with hopes that the ancestral secrets of meditation will be discovered.

According to local papers, a man found the monk in a cave in the Kibdsk region and hid the mummified monk at his home in the capital of Mongolia, Ulan Bator. The 45-year old man, named Enhtor was actually planning to sell off the mummy in the black market, but the local police discovered his plan and arrested him.

At the moment, the monk is in the custody of the National Centre of Forensic Expertise, and Enhtor could be sentenced to 5-12 years in prison or a fine of up to $43,000 if declared guilty of smuggling heritage property according to Mongolian law.

There is much speculation about the identity of the mummified monk. Apparently, he may have been the teacher of the 12th Pandito Hambo Lama Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov (1852 – 1927). His body was also discovered in a similar meditative state. But, in this case, it is thought Dashi-Dorzho gave ordered his followers to exhume his body 30 years after he died. And, reportedly, his followers discovered his body in the lotus position, barely decayed.

Could this be a sign that the soul can leave the physical body at will? What do you think?

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