Cheetah Spots Photographer Napping Under a Tree, Decides To Join In

The first word that comes to mind when hearing about humans working with wildlife is probably danger, but it can actually be very rewarding as well. Because of the dangerous aspects, it can be fairly difficult and tiring to snap a great picture of wildlife.

This photographer could’ve never expected the following to happen when he decided to take a nap underneath a tree.

Being a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa, Dolph Volker helps preserve the population of big cats. Surprisingly, they can be very shy creatures and they don’t cope with human interruption very well. However, Dolph has been trying to gain the confidence of these bigs cats for months and it appears that his hard work paid off.

After a long day of photographing wildlife in the sun, Dolph was tired and decided to take a nap underneath a tree. Something special happened when he let his guard down. Cheetah Eden saw Dolph, walked up to him, sniffed him a little bit and decided to snuggle up against him.

When Dolph woke up he was astonished to find the laying cheetah next to him. This was the beginning of their fascinating friendship. It seems as though Eden doesn’t realize Dolph is an entirely different species. She’s clearly not shy as she snuggles, purrs and nibbles him.

Dolph’s new nickname “The Cheetah Whisperer” couldn’t be more accurate seeing he spends most of his time with the cheetah nowadays. Make sure to take a look at the video, it’ll be the cutest thing you’ve seen for a while!

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