Choose A Feather And Find Out What It Reveals About Your Current State of Mind

Each and every one of us has a unique personality. Psychologists have tried to classify the personalities of individuals based on certain parameters. Based on the theory of color and forms, psychologists believe that by choosing one of these six feathers, you will get great information about your personality and current state of mind.

Look closely at the six feathers. Look at the color and shape and choose the one you like the most or with which you feel most identified. Then, read the result of the feather you have chosen and you will see that the answer is surprising.

Choose a feather which resonates with how you feel right now.

#1. Feather #1.

You are an imaginative person. You like to excel and you have a strong character that many can misunderstand as “bossy”. You are perfectionist and effective, however, you feel bad when something does not come out as you hoped.

#2. Feather #2.

You can renew and adapt easily. You learn quickly, but you tend to isolate yourself a bit because you like learning for yourself; However, the people who love you will always be there to support you.

#3. Feather #3.

You are an entrepreneur by heart. You love to feel active and have many projects, even if you realize a single goal.

#4. Feather 4.

You love harmony and peace. You always try to help others. You love to surround yourself with people who love you and seek common interests.

#5. Feather #5.

You are extremely creative and artistic, although sometimes you do not trust yourself or your abilities because you fear failure.

#6. Feather 6.

You are independent and you believe that you can achieve your goals all by yourself. However, you must learn to cultivate your friendships.

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