Create a Unique Look With This DIY Wingspan Design

Sometimes you see a design and right away you know you want to make it. Well this design, has that effect. And most people will know somebody that will love to have such a unique shawl.

This Wingspan Shawl Knitting Pattern has such a unique design. It looks very beautiful with jeans. This is one of the most beautiful shawl patterns I’ve seen lately. Particularly the Blue Brick yarn that was used in the shawl is wonderful. The Wingspan Shawl Knitting Pattern has very detailed instructions.

The difficulty level of this pattern is rated as medium. It’s a great pattern for you to practice new knitting skills. It will be a really fun and rewarding project to work on. Share with your awesome final product with us. This is merely 13 dollars, but there are other free shawl patterns available in case you are looking not to spend.

The link for the paid pattern is provided below the photos. Happy knitting!

Wingspan Shawl Knitting Pattern
© Kyle Vey

© Kyle Vey

© Kyle Vey

© Kyle Vey

Click below link for paid pattern…

Wingspan Shawl  By Kyle Vey

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