Elderly Couple Dancing Shuts Down Casino Floor

Who doesn’t love to see old people getting loose on the dance floor? For us, it’s a sign of hope that not all things turn brown when you get older.

It all took place at the Magic City Casino in Miami, where an elderly couple showed the world how to keep the fire lit in a relationship.

Their secret? Locking down the dancefloor and a whole lot of Aleve the next day.

One millennial commented what the rest of us we’re thinking:

“That moment you realize people in their 80s can dance better than you”

It’s alright tho. This real life Bonnie and Clyde has about 60 years of dance experience on us, keep twerking fam and we’ll all get there some day.

A senior commenter wrote:

“People seem to forget older people weren’t born old! They’ve already done things you’re just discovering now.”

Here’s a few other legendary AARP dancehall captains that prove to us age is just a number.

Catch Berlins techno grandpa, Bernhard Enste out way past your bedtime stealing your girlfriend at age 69. Young Enste, claims the key to life filled with happiness is techno and raves.

The internet lushed at his springful steps, one female commenter noted the joy he brought to all who watched online:

“I love it! He seems so happy and energetic. Free from the inhibitions that most of us allow to hinder our joy and self expression. Rock on!!!!”

While you we’re working this summer at least Dad got some festival time. Jeans, tucked in shirt, here is what we call the ageless Dad. He could be 38 or he could be 55, but the fact is Dads got the moves.

If these people have taught us one thing, it’s that life could be one long weekend if we choose. Enjoy!


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