Extremely Calm Guy Films Himself As Large Black Bear And Cubs Surprise Him On His Deck

This has to be the calmest man ever!

We don’t know much about this guy, other than he is clearly one with nature and is pretty much fearless.

The video below starts out with this young sitting on his deck reading a book…as a large black bear strolls up behind him. As the bear takes a few steps closer, the guy is pleased to announce and show that the bear has two cubs with her also.

In reality, this guy did the right thing as you never want to run away from a black bear, especially when they are within 15-feet of you. In this case, the bear was only a few feet away and maintaining a calm and gentle demeanor is exactly what you should do.

I don’t think this guy thought that far ahead though and he just seemed super chill and unaware that the bear could have ripped his face off at any moment if she wanted to!

None the less, what an amazing experience.

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