Find Out Which Ancient Lifetime Is Connected To The Present Lifetime

Most of us believe in past lives and that we have experienced a lifetime or 20 on planet Earth. These experiences from our past lives most certainly have an influence on all of our lifetimes in regards to our interests, skills, relationships, fears and passions. To find out which ancient lifetime you are most karmically connected with, select the image that resonates the most to you. Try meditating on that lifetime by either listening to music that is associated with that lifetime or even try looking at the photo that you resonated with to take you to that lifetime.

By Laurie Barraco


Egyptian – There is magic waiting for you as you align yourself with the Egyptian pantheon with such powerful beings as; Isis, Anubis, Sekhmet and Osirus. The Egyptians were alchemists that used essential oils such as; myrrh, frankincense and amber in their spiritual practice. The use of any of these oils will help you unlock sacred teachings and understandings from this lifetime.

Native American – In this past life you were connected to the animal and plant kingdoms and had much respect for Mother Earth. To tap into the strengths and gifts from this lifetime, spend more time in nature and pay close attention to what all of Earth’s sacred creatures have to say. The elements earth(plants), water(rivers/ocean), air(wind) and fire(candles) have much to share with you if you still your mind and sit quietly.

Greek/Roman – The Romans were skilled and fearless warriors. They used not only their strength but also their intelligence to defeat their opponents. The Roman warrior from this past lifetime has emerged more than once in this lifetime. When push comes to shove, you will stop at nothing to defend yourself, your beliefs and the ones that you love. Be sure to not to strike out of anger but to weigh your options, choose your battles intelligently and fight with honor and dignity.

Source: awakening people

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