Full Thunder Moon And Eclipse, The Biggest Energy Shift Of 2020 Is Coming This Weekend

This wild weather recently experienced, whether you enjoy it or not; is going to be followed by an incredible gift of a Thunder Moon lunar eclipse that everyone will enjoy.

As July begins it marks the period of the third and the ultimate Eclipse of the Season and also of the Cancer/Capricorn sequence.

Social distancing has its many challenges even if you are not the proverbial ‘social butterfly’ – being restricted from deciding where we want to go and what we want to do, can give even the most adept introvert some frustration.  This special event of the Thunder Moon lunar eclipse will bring many a massive sigh of relief to have the opportunity to catch sight of something rather special.

The Thunder Moon lunar eclipse explained:

Conferring to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the Thunder Moon called this because of the frequency of thunderstorms during this month, is also called Buck Moon by primitive Native American tribes as the growth of the male buck deer’s antlers begin growing at this time of the year;is essentially two spectacular marvels combining.

The initial one being the Full Moon that we all have heard of and the second the penumbral lunar eclipse that most would not have heard of before or even witnessed.  The penumbral lunar eclipse is understated and tricky to see, comparative to a whole or partial eclipse that is much more clearly defined.

The penumbra is the limited shadow of the Earth and when the moon moves through this shadow, it is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. At the time of this occurrence the moon will partially dim resulting in the difficulty of a clear sighting of the event.

It may be felt that a welcome shift of calmness or a sense of clarity during the month of July arises, but it is also a time for the seeds of change being rooted for the coming next stage of 2020, particularly in September.

Mars Retrograde, a known confrontational and sizzling time will begin in September taking us into the final months of 2020 to even more Eclipses up to November.

Fascinatingly 2020 boasts 6 eclipses – usually we have only 4 each year, so this year is most special.

Take heed of the value of acceptance of the tumultuous times and relish the journey of the turns and tumbles, the successes and joys life will give you if you surrender to it.

2020 was always headed for one big year for all of us with major changes.

August and July will allow for prospects of renewal and brings the astonishing Sirius Gateway to shine super charged energy into our being.

Releasing things holding us back, that may be harmful to our growth, letting go and relishing the freedom and beauty that comes with the release of what is not needed in our lives is one of the most beneficial experiences we can give ourselves.

Value this precious gift and the sense that the journey you have been travelling has become clearer.



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