Glitch In The Matrix? Many People Claim to Have Seen a Movie That Never Existed

This may be on of the strangest stories on the whole internet: Some people on Twitter and Reddit had an attempt to find a movie that goes by the name Shazaam which starred actor and comedian Sinbad as a friendly genie.

According to the people that are claiming that they’ve seen this movie, it appears that it came out some time before Shaq’s comedy called Kazaam (which of course, you sure remember, was a very enjoyable comedy from the 90’s)

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The problem is that there is no official record or proof of such movie ever existing, and the interesting part is that even Sinbad himself said that he was never acting in it or even heard about it before some people on the internet started to ask him random questions about it.

Recently, the magazine NewStatesman published a incredible investigative story about this conspiracy, and some theories as to why so many people have vivid memories of watching a movie that there is no evidence has ever existed.

That’s, of course, despite all the cash reward offers from people eager to prove it is real.

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Also, some other people believe that a big group of people is a victim of ‘the social contagion of memory’ which means that because there were so many talks about the movie, people started creating false memories and are really realistic in their minds.

Also, some say that the movie, of course, disappeared, because Sinbad himself didn’t really like it.

Other theory says that this is a perfect example of the effect called “mandela’ which essentially means that multiple realities have existed, and splintered versions have to ability to converge sometimes, (in this case, in one reality Shazaam was real). That is quite literally the only explanation that would and could, explain why so many people claim to remember the movie even though there is no evidence of its existence.

I guess we will never know!

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