Harsh Truths About Love You Will Have To Learn Based On Your Sign

Love is a wonderful thing, but it can also become a sticky situation depending on your sign. Have you ever wondered why some people are more possessive than others, or why some are more disconnected than others? How about why some value their freedom while others are constantly calling to check in with you? It could be because of your sign. Some signs value things like getting their way over getting along and not arguing. Every sign has a harsh truth they need to learn about relationships. Where they are doing a great job in one part of the relationship is where they can be really weak in another aspect.

The real kicker too is that each group including water, air, fire, and earth signs, also have their own issues they have to tackle on top of the individual sign’s problems. So next time you’re wondering why your partner breaks down crying way more often than they should, or why they over promise and under deliver all of the time, consider that it might not be their fault—it could be in the stars. We complied a list of what harsh truth each sign needs to learn about love, so read on and find out what your partner needs to bone up on!

16. Earth Signs Can Be A Little Too Needy

What is there to say about earth signs other than they are a little needy and possessive. Did I say a little? I mean a lot. Earth signs can be some of the most loyal people you ever want to meet, but it comes with a hefty price. Their significants always have to be watching their backs because the earth sign is always watching and comparing their relationship to other couples. It can be a bit much.

Although they might not have ill will behind their possessiveness, it really rubs people the wrong way. It can be controlling and overwhelming. Earth signs, you have to take a bit of a chill pill and let people live their lives. You can not always be looming over their shoulders all the time.

15. Taurus: Being Too Possessive Is A Turn Off

Although Taurus is one of the most loyal signs in the Zodiac, they are also one of the most possessive. They are the one’s that are calling at all hours of the day to check in as to where you are. Then when you get home, they are still questioning where you’ve been all day. It is overwhelming and can really drive your partner crazy to the point that they can take off after going through this inquisition for a while.

Taurus, you have some real trust issues and you have to learn how to believe that your partner isn’t out to get you. They probably are just grabbing a drink with their friend, especially if they are picking up the phone. Chill out a little bit and find something to do so you aren’t driving your partner insane, or you won’t have a partner very long.

14. Virgo: Comparing Yourself To Other Relationships Isn’t Healthy

Virgo, oh boy can you be oh so very mean. You look at the details and life and you take them all very seriously. Of course the same goes for your relationship. You analyze every relationship around you and compare it to your own, then you hold it over your partner’s head. That’s really not so cool. Your partner is probably trying their best and here you are bringing doom and gloom to their doorstep on the regular.

It’s not healthy to be comparing your relationship anyway because every relationship is different. Your relationship probably has a lot of high points that you aren’t even seeing because you’re too busy looking at the negatives. That’s not very fair. Stop looking at others and focus on yourself because that is the only relationship that matters anyway.

13. Capricorn: After A While, You Have To Forgive And Move On

Capricorn, you aren’t only serious in your work life, but you are also serious in your love life too. Too serious. The problem is, when you get in a fight you don’t know how to move on. It can be over a week and you are still holding onto the same insignificant argument. It’s kind of petty and it really gets under people’s skin if they are constantly dealing with it.

What you need to do is let it go. It’s okay to spend a day or two upset about something, but my goodness is it really worth holding a grudge for so long? What is this really solving? The only thing you are doing is driving a wedge between you and your partner because they are going to close themselves off to you.

12. Air Signs Need To Learn How to Balance Their Freedom

Oh those air signs and their freedom. They need it more than they need…well…air. If anyone tries to impede on their freedom, it comes with harsh results. But here’s the thing, life doesn’t revolve around an air sign’s freedom all of the time. Sometimes they need to settle it down and think about other people too. Just because they want to come and go whenever they please doesn’t mean that the world should just stop and wait for them to get it out of their system. It doesn’t seem fair for their partner.

It’s okay to have your space every now and then, but have to put it all in perspective. If you’re in a relationship, things have to change air signs. You have to put your partner right up there where you put yourself. It’s not easy for an air sign, but it has to be done.

11. Gemini: All Relationships Lead to Some Sort of Routine

Gemini, we know you don’t like routine. You are the social butterfly that just spreads their wings and flies where ever they want whenever they want, and you love that freedom. However, you need to learn that relationships lead to some sort of routine. It’s just going to happen when you tie yourself to someone. Let’s be real; you’re going to have date nights and those date nights will likely be on the same day at the same time because you both have it free.

It’s going to be hard for you to adjust to it, and you might even buck back originally but you’ll get used to it once you realize you are in love with this person. Just make sure your significant understands that you need some spontaneous adventures too. Compromise, right?

10. Libra: Sometimes You Will Fight (Terribly) With Your Partner

News flash, Libra, you are going to fight and it’s going to suck. But that’s love! You have to take the good with the bad and press on. You have to learn that you aren’t always going to get along as much as you want to; it’s just not possible especially when you spend a ton of time together. Many say it’s actually healthy to fight from time to time because you shouldn’t agree with everything.

You spend too much time keeping the peace, Libra. This leads to harboring resentment because your true opinion never hits the open air. You don’t have to have a full blow out, but you should let your partner know how you feel. Sometimes it will lead to an argument, and you know what? That’s okay.

9. Aquarius: Compromising Goes A Long Way

Compromise isn’t one of those words you use very often, isn’t that right Aquarius? You like to walk to the beat of your own drummer and apologize to no one. There’s no problem that you like to live your own life, but when you open yourself up to a partner, you have to reconsider that a little bit because it isn’t all about your way anymore. Sometimes you have to be the one to give in for the greater good because your partner will do the same. It’s not fair if they are the ones always conceding.

Sometimes you have to let people in your life and you have to give someone else their way. This isn’t an easy one for you, but you won’t get far in your relationship if you don’t figure this one out and quickly too.

8. Fire Signs Can Become A Little Too Lazy With Their Partners

The bad thing about fire signs is that they have a ton of passion, but it’s mostly towards what they want. If they want to go cliff diving in some obscure country, they’ll do it and no one is stopping them. But if their partner wants them to wash the dishes or take out the garbage, it’s going to take some pushing because it isn’t on their agenda. In fact, a lot of the effort in the relationship might seem to fall through the cracks unless it’s part of their plan, which can be frustrating.

Fire signs don’t see what is right in front of their noses a lot of the time because they are too concerned with big picture items. They won’t see how they are hurting their partner, but they should key in more because it isn’t cool to put little amounts of effort in like this.

7. Aries: You Can’t Always Get Your Way

Aries is used to getting their way, point blank. When they are on their own they answer to now one. The issue is, when they are in a relationship they aren’t on their own anymore. The dynamic drastically changes and they have a hard time adjusting to the fact that they don’t get to just get their way all of the time. Sometimes you are going to give up on an argument for the greater good and that’s just the way it is. You win some and you lose some. Aries can’t wrap their head around that.

Aries, life is pretty good. Don’t pout because you didn’t get your way. Instead, think about how good life is with your partner and consider how small this issue is in the grand scheme of things.

6. Leo: You Have To Put Extra Work Into A Relationship

Oh Leo, you are the worst offender when it comes to letting the world revolve around you. It just doesn’t work when you are in a relationship because the world revolves around both of you now. Your partner will get tired of you if everything is all about you and never about them. Could you imagine making your life revolve around them at all times of the day? No? I didn’t think so.

This means you have to work extra hard to not be selfish and not have everything be all about you. This will take so much effort from your end because you are so used to doing the opposite of this, but it is way worth it in your relationship because your partner will stay by your side.

5. Sagittarius: Never Promise More Than You Can Deliver

It happens all the time doesn’t it Sagittarius? You don’t mean it to, but it does. You feel bad, but it honestly sucks for your significant more than anybody. You promise them the world and you trip at the finish line every single time. Is it poor planning? Maybe. How about a short attention span? Likely. People like being around you because of your charisma and positivity, but they get over you after they’ve been through your over selling stints.

Your partners don’t tend to stick around very long, and this is a big part of it. Here’s what you need to do. You need to promise smaller then if things turn out better than what you promised, that’s icing on the cake. Don’t start by promising the world and coming up short. It gets really old really fast.

4. Water Signs Need To Get Their Emotions In Check

Water signs have a lot of water works happening. They are the most in tune with their emotions and they have a hard time keeping it together in a relationship. Crying is the norm for a water sign and anyone who is with them needs to realize that there will be a lot of rogue emotions that come with the relationship. It’s a lot of drama but there’s a lot of passion too.

The issue is, it just gets old. Imagine going through this all of the time. Who would stick around for the constant crying and whining? Water signs just have a hard time expressing themselves in a way that doesn’t have a ton of showmanship. They are more artistic, so their emotions are very present. Maybe try talking it out rather than going to pieces.

3. Cancer: If You Push Someone To Break Your Heart, They Probably Will

Cancer is very into self-preservation, but sometimes it actually hurts them more than it helps them. They are ones that will accuse their partner of doing something wrong when they don’t even have it on their agenda. Maybe it will even come up randomly during a fight that has nothing to do with cheating. It just seems to be lodged in their brain and there’s no getting around it.

Here’s the thing, after a while if you keep on saying someone is cheating you will drive them to it. If you’re going to get in trouble for it, why not actually do it rather than just getting yelled at for doing nothing wrong? Cancer will actually drive their partner away because they are too busy protecting themselves. They don’t mean to do it, but they have to learn how to trust, which is very hard for them to do.

2. Scorpio: Jealousy Is The Worst Policy

Well, we all know that Scorpio has some issues with jealousy, but the extent that the jealousy can run is a little crazy. They will get in their car and follow their partner to work or to any other location to make sure they are telling the truth. Not to mention, if their partner is hanging out with someone from work or buddies they grew up with, Scorpio will get jealous of that time spent with someone other than them. It’s smothering for their partner.

God forbid the person their partner is hanging with is the same gender as them. Oh gosh that is a disaster waiting to happen. You better believe their partner is getting a talking to on the regular, which gets pretty old pretty fast. You’ve got to let people have a life Scorpio, relax a bit.

1. Pisces: Crying Wolf Too Often Can Lead To Trouble

Pisces, you are the most emotional of the bunch, and that means there is a ton of crying on the regular. Sometimes you can’t help it, but sometimes you are being really dramatic and your partner isn’t always down for it. If you’re in a relationship, you can’t always emotionally exhaust the person you are with or they are going to take off running for the hills. Understandably so, it really takes a lot to deal with someone that is always an emotional time bomb.

Here’s what you need to do Pisces, you need to think through the issue before you go into meltdown mode. It will help your mental stability, but it will also help your partner too. If the problem is really intense, it’s okay to cry just don’t do it all the flippin’ time.

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