Here’s The Guy You Definitely Shouldn’t Date Based On Your Sign

You may know what zodiac signs you’re supposed to be compatible with, but do you know what that translates into with regards to what type of guy you should avoid dating? It’s all fine and good knowing what sign to look out for in a prospective partner, but you should also know what dominant character trait is a no-no for you in the dating department. Knowing your own sign can be a great way of figuring out what you should, and in this case, shouldn’t seek out in a significant other, and learning to look for these character traits can save you a lot of hassle when trying to determine if someone is a good match for you.

Astrology is great at revealing a lot about yourself, and through knowing who you really are and what you like and dislike, you’ll be a lot more prepared when it comes to looking for a man to be with. There are many types of people out there, but you’ll be able to suss out pretty quickly what someone’s dominant characteristics are shortly after meeting them. If you’re wondering what type of guy you should avoid, look no further. Your star sign will reveal who’s best to ditch so you might know who’s best to hitch.

16. Fire Signs – The Overthinking Type

Fire signs, you’re all about action and passion, and you love making spontaneous decisions and living life in the moment. This is why being with an overthinker will frustrate you to tears. You believe that actions speak louder than words, and if you want something, there’s no stopping you from getting it. The last thing you want is to have a partner who will always make you take time to think about all the possible outcomes of your decisions. You don’t have time for that! There’s so much living to do and you just want to get out there and live it! You tend to put gut-instincts above rationalizing and you listen to your heart and your soul before you listen to what your mind is telling you. You’re driven by adventure and success through making bold decisions, so having someone constantly telling you to stop and think will do nothing but slow you down.

15. Aries – The Needy Type

As a Fire sign, you Aries are highly independent and rely on your own innate sense of self-worth to get things done. Your inner confidence shines through you and your strong spirit drives you towards success, in any way you put your mind to it. That’s why any man who isn’t as strong or as self-reliant as you will just end up dragging you down. You don’t have time for someone needy who will hold you back, and you certainly don’t want to be any man’s babysitter. No Way! Rather, you need someone just as self-assured and independent as yourself, who won’t constantly be looking to you to solve his problems and listen to his whining. If you find yourself with a needy man, think twice before continuing a relationship with him. Eventually, you’ll get sick of constantly needing to think about every little thing that’s going wrong with him and long for someone who will be able to stand on their own two feet like you do.

14. Leo – The Lazy Type

Leo, you’re as ambitious as they get, so beware of lazy men! Because you have such an infectious, energetic attitude and a go-getter zeal in life, people will naturally be drawn to you and want to feel the power and strength that you exude. While it’s great that you’ll find yourself with a circle of friends that thinks you’re the greatest, watch out for people who try to feed off of your charisma and energy. You might find yourself attracting men who are wowed by your ambition and your drive but don’t let those who aren’t interested in adding anything positive or energizing to your life get in your way. It’s best to stay away from guys who only want to hitch a ride on your fame or achievement while they do nothing but laze about. You need someone who can keep up with you and who will contribute to your determination, not bring it down.

13. Sagittarius – The Non-Adventurous Type

Oh Sagittarius girls, how outgoing and adventurous you are! You crave new experiences and you have an innate love of traveling and seeing the world. It’s no wonder then that the worst kind of guy you could end up with is a non-adventurous type. You have a curious soul and you’re always itching to make new discoveries and see new things, so having a partner who’s more interested in staying at home than exploring the great beyond with you is just simply a non-starter. If you’re with an unadventurous man, you’ll easily grow tired and bored of the sameness he so longs to cling to, and this will likely lead to a lot of fights and tension. You never want to feel tied down or as if your wings are being clipped, so if you’ve got a wanderlust spirit and he’s more comfortable sitting at home on the couch, it might be time to give him the boot.

12. Earth Signs – The Daydreaming Type

Earth signs, you are very much grounded in your sense of self, and you keep your eyes focused on your goals and your personal priorities at all times. You are hard-working and exceptionally diligent when it comes to your job, so it’s unsurprising that the daydreaming type of guy wouldn’t have any place in your meticulously built world. You look for stability and consistency, not only in yourself but also in your partner, so being in a relationship with someone whose head is always in the clouds won’t end up sitting well with you. You need to feel like your man is moving forward through life with a sense of direction and that he is as dedicated to achieving his goals as you are with your own aims. Finding yourself with a man who is more about dreams than reality might risk throwing you off your game, so find yourself a man who can keep up with your determination, not someone who might hold you back.

11. Taurus – The Flaky Type

One of the great things about you Taurus gals is your sense of stability and your unwavering loyalty towards those you care about. You are extremely dependable, and you’ll always be the first one to lend a hand in times of crisis or trouble. You believe in being there for people and staying true to your word, so the worst type of guy you could be with is someone who is flaky. A flaky man will absolutely rub you up the wrong way, and you’ll end up getting sick of his not being able to hold commitments or stay true to his responsibilities. You need someone as dependable as you are, who is strong in his sense of self and who will be there when you or those around him need him. Nothing is worse for you than being with a man who won’t show up when he says he will or who shirks plans at the last minute “just because he feels like it.” If you’ve found yourself in a relationship with a flake, get out of there quick. He won’t be there for you when you really need him to be.

10. Virgo – The Messy Type

Virgos are notoriously clean and take care to have their surroundings ordered and organized. That’s why the worst type of man you could date is the messy kind who won’t understand your need for tidiness. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but being with someone who has fundamentally different opinions as to what constitutes being “messy” can be a real deal-breaker in a relationship. Being a Virgo, you’ll know exactly how you want things done and you’ll have precise places for all your things, so if you have a man who doesn’t respect these quirks of yours, you’re bound to find yourself in a tense situation with him. It’s always a good thing to introduce compromise into any relationship, and if you know you’re a stickler for tidiness, you could try to ease up on your need for control. However, when it comes down to it, you need a man who understands that you like things tidy, and if he can’t abide by that, you might need to find someone who’s more in tune with you.

9. Capricorn – The Impractical Type

Capricorns, you live for ambition and your drive for success is matched by none. You are forces of nature that will stop at nothing to get what you want, whether it’s fame, fortune, or whatever goal you’ve set your mind to. For this reason, being with an impractical man would be disastrous for you. You need someone who shares your vision for getting the most out of life, and you need someone who is grounded enough to chase realistic goals. An impractical dreamer who is all imagination and no substance will wear on your last nerve and put you off of wanting to pursue a relationship with him. Having someone who is equally as motivated as you are will be your best bet in terms of a match, and you’ll enjoy pursuing your individual goals together. Drop the dreamer and get yourself a focused, driven man. That’s your key to happiness in a relationship.

8. Air Signs – The Impulsive Type

Air signs should definitely stay away from impulsive guys who act before they think. As an air sign, you like to think through everything thoroughly before you take action, and you like looking at all sides of a situation before going through with anything. Impulsive men will try to lead you astray in your thinking process, and try to get you to do things without taking the normal consideration you take. Some guys might even try to disguise this as trying to make you more adventurous or spontaneous, but by doing this they’ll be eroding the very foundations of who you really are. Don’t get persuaded into doing things you aren’t comfortable with and don’t let him make you feel like you’re a bore or a worrier just because you don’t delight in the same impulsive irresponsibility as he may be into. Stay true to yourself and your reasoning. You’re a smart cookie and ultimately you know what’s best for you.

7. Gemini – The Silent Type

Gemini girls, you certainly love to talk! You are known for being very sociable and you’re undoubtedly the life and soul of any party. Communication is highly important to you and you crave fun, intellectual conversations to stimulate you and your curious mind. It’s no wonder then that the worst type of guy you could be with is the silent type. Some might think the silent, brooding men to be the height of attractiveness, and even if you happen to be with the most handsome, quiet man, you’ll soon grow tired of being the only one to ever contribute to a conversation. You need someone who will be able to challenge your opinions and give you a good debate now and again. Someone who just lets you have free reign of every conversation might seem great to start with, but you’ll soon tire of hearing your own voice constantly and yearn for a man who will keep up with your fast talking and quick thinking.

6. Libra – The Loud-Mouth Type

Libras are happiest in a tranquil and serene atmosphere, so being with a loud-mouth guy is a real no-no. You Libras are all about fairness and equality, and a big part of your charm is your sensitivity towards other people. You read situations incredibly well and your listening skills as well as your willingness to compromise make you a valued friend and an even better partner to be with. That’s why having a brash, loud-mouthed significant other who doesn’t take other people’s opinions and feelings into consideration is a poor choice for you as a partner. You need someone who values fairness and equality as much as you do, and someone who will listen to other people’s opinions. Even though you’re great at giving people second chances and looking at all sides of a situation before acting, you’ll be itching to get away from a loud-mouthed guy if that’s who you’ve found yourself with.

5. Aquarius – The Self-Centered Type

As an Aquarius, you are a people’s person and love the company of others. You are by far the friendliest of all the zodiac signs and you attract so many people around you thanks to your kindness, generosity, and selflessness. That’s why the worst type of guy you could go for is someone who is self-centered and egotistic. As an Aquarius, you love making the people around you feel comfortable and you care greatly about the needs and feelings of others. Being with someone who is all about themselves would drive you bonkers, and you would quickly get sick of their need to be the center of attention. While you are a humanitarian and aim to help other people as much as you can, if you’re with someone who puts themselves above all others, you’ll definitely have a personality clash that will inevitably end in disaster.

4. Water Signs – The Uptight Type

Water signs, you are an emotional bunch, aren’t you? You love expressing yourself and letting out your innermost feelings for everyone to hear and you rely a lot on your gut feelings to guide you through life. You are artistic and creative and you pour so much of yourself into your work, hobbies, and relationships. That’s why you should never date someone who is uptight and unwilling to share his feelings. While you will want to connect with your guy on every emotional level possible, if you’re with someone unwilling to open up about themselves and let loose, you’ll end up feeling frustrated and like you don’t really know your man inside and out. You might think you’ll be able to shake out a few of his innermost secrets and get him to be open and real with you, but if you’re with someone who just isn’t used to being emotional, you’ll end up feeling frustrated and angry that your man isn’t giving you the emotional satisfaction you so crave.

3. Cancer – The Critical Type

Cancer ladies tend to be on the sensitive side and your good-natured temperament means you need to be with someone who is kind, supportive, and attentive to your needs. Although you have an abundance of inner strength, you can often be prone to taking things the wrong way and getting tetchy if you feel like someone isn’t being completely supportive of you. That’s why the worst kind of man you could be with is one who is overly critical and insensitive. A partner who constantly nit-picks what you do or criticizes what you wear or how you act will end up chipping away at your fragile confidence and will end up making you feel worthless, which is not what you want in a significant other. If you’ve found yourself with a man who doesn’t make you feel happy and secure in your own self, it might be time to kick him to the curb.

2. Scorpio – The Prying Type

Scorpios, you are ladies of mystery and as such, the worst type of guy you could date is the prying type. You’re known for keeping your emotions well hidden, and you dislike divulging too much information about yourself. Privacy is a priority for you and you can’t tolerate people breaking boundaries that you’ve set. That’s why being with a man who tries to get all up in your business is a bad idea. A guy who is too keen to pry you for details and who spends his time being a busybody will instantly put you off, as you need time to let people into your secret world. As such, you need someone who will be patient with you as you ease into a relationship. If your partner differs greatly to you in this regard, there’s a good chance he’ll get annoyed by your guarded nature, so it’s best to avoid any Prying Peters out there!

1. Pisces – The Unsympathetic Type

Pisces tend to be incredibly compassionate and highly in tune with the emotions and feelings of others, which is why the type of guy you should avoid dating is the unsympathetic type. Your capacity to empathize with other people makes you a go-to friend as you have a sympathetic ear and an understanding attitude, and you’re probably called upon regularly by friends and family to listen to problems and give advice. Being with someone who is not sympathetic will create a sense of deep sadness within you and you’ll probably spend most of your time explaining to your unsympathetic partner why it is that you spend so much of your time dealing with other people’s issues. You need someone who will understand that you like to give your time to others, and who will encourage you rather than berate you for being available to your friends and family in need.

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