Photographer Follows Squirrels With His Camera Every Day For 6 Years And Here Are Some of His Best Photos

Geert Weggen, a Dutch/Swedish internationally awarded photographer, specializes in photographing red squirrels and the results have been published internationally in magazines, newspapers, calendars, and books. He has also been on radio and television programs.

It all started 6 years ago when Geert found a fox on his doorstep. Straight away, he rushed inside to get some meat to feed the fox. After that moment, the fox came back every day to get some more food. Geert used this as an opportunity to take pictures. In the second week, he started laying out some props on his balcony so the fox could interact with them. After a while, a Russian bird showed up and kept coming every day. Geert turned his balcony into a studio with nature props, mirrors, cameras, etc. Cleverly, Geert had hidden some food in some of the props so the birds went looking for them. These photos turned out so well that some of them were published and awarded.

One day, red squirrels appeared and they still show up every day in Geert’s studio. These little squirrels became the subject of most of his work.

Geert has been organizing squirrel workshops at his house since last year. These workshops take place twice a year when the young squirrels arrive. Only three people can join this 5-day workshop.

See the images below to get an idea of Geert’s amazing work.











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