How Long Should It Take a Woman To Orgasm?

My bride regularly hears from women frustrated with a husband who expects her to reach climax as quickly as he does – or even worse, a woman who wants to know what’s wrong with her for “taking so long”. When guys ask about how long it “should take” for a woman to reach climax, what most mean is, “Why does it take her so long?” or “What’s wrong with her?”

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How long does it take women to get to orgasm? Some women can, sometimes, go from fully dressed to fully satisfied in five minutes. Some women rarely get there in less than an hour. These are the extremes, and both are rare. Most women who climax during intercourse need ten to twenty minutes of penetration AFTER good foreplay.

Some are faster, some take longer. Orgasm by other methods usually takes less time, but not significantly. So, including foreplay, if you can get her there in twenty minutes consider her on the quick side of normal. Half an hour is more common, and longer is hardly rare.

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Why does it take women longer to climax than it takes guys? It’s not because men are bad lovers. Studies on solo masturbation show it takes woman about three times as long to reach climax as it takes men.

For whatever reason, women’s bodies just don’t react as quickly. It’s just how a woman is made, so accept it and figure out how to work with it. (BTW, my guess she is made  “slower” to help us slow men down and learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. There is so much more to enjoy than those few seconds of pleasure “at the end”.)

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