Humpback Super-Groups Spotted, ‘Look More Like Salmon Than Whales’

On Monday December 2nd, several super-groups of humpback whales have been spotted near the coast of South Africa. Some of the groups counted between the 150 and 200 whales.

Dave Hurwitz of Simon’s Town Boat Company described the remarkable sight of massive super-groups of whales near Saldanha Bay, Western Cape.

‘Ridiculously’ large super-groups of Humpback whales have been spotted gathering near Dassen Island, south of Saldanha Bay.

Dave Hurwitz, the owner, skipper and guide at Simon’s Town Boat Company, has been part of a group of who has witnessed this spectacular event.

He estimates that between 1,500 to 2,000 animals have been scattered across the waters over the past two weeks.


Image credit: Dave Hurwitz of Simon’s Town Boat Company on Facebook

The whales have apparently discovered a huge amount of krill, their primary food source, which has been brought to the surface by upwelling.

Hurwitz explains that whales are in a “suspended migration” before they make their way to their breeding grounds.

Dave Hurwitz the owner of Simon’s town boat company described the event as absolutely phenomenal! It had to be the largest aggregation of humpback whales in the world.

It was literally packed. “They looked more like salmon than whales”.

If you are in the West Coast of South Africa, there’s a great opportunity to see them from the land as well.

A local radio station interviewed Dave which you can listen here:

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