If a Man Is Madly, Crazily And Deeply In Love With You Then No One Can Ever Steal Him From You

When a man truly loves you: 

If a man is madly, crazily and deeply in love with you then no one can ever steal him from you.

If your man has eyes just for you then no other woman can catch his attention other than you.

If he truly loves you and treats your heart as his own he will never let you down.

He will never be dishonest with you and he will never cheat on you.

A man who is truly in love you will understand your pain and will heal you with his true love.

If he is emotionally attached to you and cares about your feelings then he will never do something that will make you cry.

He will never hurt you intentionally and never let you go to bed with tears in your eyes.

If a man truly loves you then he will stay by your side, always and nothing in the world can change his feelings and his love for you. – Aarti khurrana

Source: Relationship Rules

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