In Bizarre New Trend People Are Changing Shape Of Their Lips Into ‘Devil Lips’

Yes people, something new has surfaced on social media and people don’t know what to think of it. Or actually they do, since most users of the ‘net’ have a very outspoken opinion. In any case, this new trend is called the “Devil Lips”, also known as octopus lips. It seems to be a trend that started in Russia and it has blown over to the UK.

The semi-permanent procedure is believed to involve injecting filler into the outer lip to create an unusual wave - but experts (pictured) have warned against it. Beauty guru and Dermaspa founder Nilam Holmes took to Instagram on Tuesday to brand the trend as 'wrong on all levels'

This unnatural and unique look has been created by women, using lip fillers and makeup.

Some social media users have expressed that they actually like the new trend while other think it’s just outrageous. Meanwhile, experts and doctors out in the UK are warning Brits to avoid the new look. Dr Krystyna, a London-based Cosmetic Dentist and Facial Aesthetician said:

“You cannot change the anatomical shape of the lips like this. You can sharpen and contour by enhancing the vermillion border, but these ‘devil lips’ are unnatural,” The Daily Mail quotes.

“Filler injected inappropriately could end up in a blood vessels, causing blockages and leading to necrosis (death) of the tissue. The vessels are around the lips, so using filler inappropriately is what can cause this.”

These are some of the lips which already popped up on social media!

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