January 16th-17th: How the New Moon in Capricorn Will Bring About Harmony and Progress

The energies of this month have been quite intense thus-far and will continue to grow until the full moon at the end of the month. That being said, the new moon coming up in just a few days is going to bring about a lot of things we need to be aware of.

New moons come once each month as the moon orbits our planet. On the day of the new moon, we don’t really see the new moon. This is because the new moon rises when the sun rises and sets when the sun sets. Its face is turned away from us.


During this new moon, energies will be conflicting. While we have been pushed towards something we will now be pulled backward in some unexpected ways. We will be forced to think about things that we have not thought about in years and for some that is much easier said than done. This energy will however also push us to move forward once everything is completed.

This specific new moon will be in Capricorn and will represent love and bring about harmony as will be able to stable out any relationship turbulence you have been experiencing. If you do not let this energy overwhelm you and you use it correctly things will work out just fine. You must be ready to receive love though as it is what you will be giving.

While the Capricorn is a practical sign overall it is going to be bringing about some very bold things inside of you. You have all the skills you need to reach the highest mountains. The leap of progress you will be making during the days to come will be amazing. Before this new moon, you should as you would with any astrological even remember to cleanse your aura and ensure you are properly grounded.

There is a lot more to the moon than most are willing to admit. I for one am looking forward to this energy and will be using it to my advantage.

Source: awareness act

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