Jim Carrey: ‘Apple’s New iPhone is Designed to Enslave Humanity’

Actor Jim Carrey has spoken out to expose Apple’s newest iteration of its popular iPhone, to reveal that its new Face ID technology was created to “enslave humanity”.

He noted that he won’t use Apple’s products after realizing that their devices are being used to “usher in a totalitarian New World Order”.

He said at the Toronto Film Festival while promoting his documentary, Jim & Andy that The Great Beyond that in case George Orwell wrote 1984 now, it would have been about tech companies controlling over a totalitarian state, the phones that you are forced to purchase would read your face and the stores would be known as ‘town squares’.

The actor was referring to Apple’s recently revealed iPhone 10 or iPhone X that is due to go on sale in November.

The device is Apple’s greatest launch to date. It has actually dropped fingerprint scanning technology that has been substituted for its new facial recognition system.

iPhone 10 uses tiny cameras, which scan your face. This means that only the registered owner will be able to unlock and use the smartphone by looking at it.

The unique facial scan of each iPhone user is going to be stored on Apple’s servers. That’s why some people think that this is an intrusion of privacy.

The movie star had an interview this month, where he first circled an E! News reporter several times, prior to answering her questions with some philosophical statements. He stated that there are only things happening as well as there are clusters of tetrahedrons that move around together.

In addition, this interview went viral on the internet and provoked mixed reactions that Carrey felt compelled to explain unexpected, metaphysical statements, releasing metaphysical warnings, rounding on Apple’s new Face ID technology.

The actor pointed out that iPhone X facial recognition system will pose a great threat to the future of humanity.

He also added that this technology can be used to figure out if you are manic or depressed, to identify protesters, etc. It can also be used to classify you as a terrorist or a criminal or to determine your sexual orientation.

Even tough Apple wouldn’t do it, it can be done by those you do not want doing it, i.e., those that are driving you towards a New World Order.

He also said that facial recognition technology is the “latest step on the march towards total surveillance.”

In fact, invasive surveillance isn’t new, from observing employee productivity to conducting consumer behavior studies and any other type of market research.

As technology has recently become more advanced, it has become more pervasive, intrusive, and outright disturbing.

He also added that there isn’t anything wrong with a password and that any cloud-based storage isn’t necessary. They want to read your thoughts. The global elite believe that your secrets pose a threat to them. They are a powerful force that wants to take your personal dignity, privacy, and private property away from you.

They will stop when they can read your thoughts. However, by then it may be too late because they may have total power.

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