Last Day Of Mercury Retrograde, Tonight This Planet Finally Goes Direct

Although it may seem that Mercury has been retrograde for a long time, it was/is quite short compared to some. Mercury entered the retrograde on June 18 and will go directly on the 12.

As we all know, Mercury in retrograde can cause many conflicts and communication problems. This makes a lot of people nervous and leaves them dealing with a lot of turmoil. The longer it goes on, the more confused and nervous we seem. Although this specific retrograde is more positive than usual, it has always come with a bit of chaos.

As Mercury goes direct on the 12th, we can finally return to normal within reasonable limits. Of course, there will still be many things going on in the celestial world, but these things will not be as powerful as some of the most recent events we have faced. The energy world will at least a short time go out a little.

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