Long Distance Lamp Lights Up For Your Friend When You Touch It

When you live far away from your friends, staying close to each other can be quite a struggle. Sometimes you just want to hang out and talk in person but it’s simply not possible. However, now there is a lamp that can let your friend on the other side of the globe know that you’re thinking of them. Let me introduce you to the Long-Distance Friendship Lamp. When you touch it, it will light up on the other side.

The Long-Distance Friendship Lamp sold by Uncommon Goods uses WiFi to sync with its partner lamp and can react as fast as a simple touch. When one lamp is touched, the other one will also light up. There isn’t really a simpler way to let anyone know that you’re thinking of them, is there? The lamp comes in different colors and has a wooden exterior design. If you have a group of friends that don’t live nearby, the lamp can also work for you as you can assign each person a color.

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So if one of your long-distance friends has a birthday coming up, this might be the perfect present. You can get the lamp at Uncommon Goods and one lamp costs $85. You can get a set of two for $170.

The set up of the lamp is very easy and a short YouTube video of 40 seconds explains it all. First, you have to connect the lamp’s Filimin Bridge to your router at home as well as to an outlet. Then all that’s left is to plug it in and it should be connected.

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Vanessa Whalen and John Harrison were the ones who created the lamp and they have a heartwarming story that comes along with it. The two first met when Harrison was an associate professor of violin at Wichita State University and Whalen was a pianist at the same university. Harrison then went on to become an electrical and computer engineer and Whalen became a psychotherapist with her own private practice and that’s when they started dating. As written on the Uncommon Goods product page, John proposed to Vanessa on Christmas morning of 2014. The first touch lamps also came out that year. The idea behind the lamp was for them to stay connected to John’s family who lives spread out all across North America.

Want to stay close to your friends no matter where they live? This might be just the thing that keeps your relationship close.

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