Mercury Just Went Retrograde, Prepare To Be Triggered By Unresolved Emotion

The final Mercury Retrograde of the year is here. Mercury went retrograde in the water sign of Scorpio on October 13th, ending in the air sign of Libra on November 3rd, 2020.

Mercury traveling retrograde through water signs has been a theme for the last two years. Mercury won’t retrograde in another water sign again until September 2022, making this one of our final opportunities to open to the intuitive energies we can receive.

Mercury Retrograde in a water sign allows us to shift out of our mind and into the voice of our heart. We are able to listen to our intuition and receive insights that we may have otherwise missed.

Mercury retrograde is always a time of turning within, but under the presence of a water sign, it adds a more spiritual, creative, and intuitive tone.

By now, most of us are familiar with what Mercury Retrograde can bring. It tends to slow down the energy of the outside world, forcing us to slow down too.

We may find we are faced with delays, setbacks, or even miscommunications.

Its goal is to get us to pay attention, to notice the smaller details, and to listen to the subtle cues around us.

Mercury Retrograde is also a time where hidden thoughts can resurface. We may even find people or situations from our past creeping back in, in order to be dealt with once and for all.

As we revisit the ways of the past, we are given opportunities to make changes, to redo things, to look over things, and to feel more confident in our choices and decisions to move ahead.

Let’s now take a deeper look into the energies of this October-November 2020 Retrograde and what we may need to pay attention to:

Mars and Mercury Retrograde

One of the main features of this Mercury Retrograde is that Mars will be retrograde at the same time.

In astrology, the closer a planet is to the Sun, the more we feel the influence of the retrograde in our immediate and everyday lives.

Having both Mercury and Mars retrograde together will amplify their energies and make their already noticeable effects more noticeable.

Both Mars and Mercury retrograde together, may cause a feeling of sluggishness and increased confusion. We may wish to move forward (Mars) but feel confused on what steps to take (Mercury).

Mars rules over our ability to take action, whereas Mercury rules over our mind. We may find these two dynamics of our being out of sorts or not as easy to get along.

If our actions have been out of alignment with our thoughts, we may also notice these retrogrades stirring things up, in the hopes that we may make some adjustments.

As Mercury rules over communication, and Mars can make us more prone to saying something aggressive or heated, we may have to tread carefully and find a balance between sharing our opinion and censoring ourselves.

If we do need to have difficult conversations, there are always thoughtful ways to go about it. This is where listening to our heart and being patient can help!

This is a huge period of transformation. In the meantime, keep holding your own vibration high by being true to yourself.

Keep your thoughts aligned with what you wish to attract into your life. Hold space not just for what you want to manifest, but for the life you want to see for everyone on this planet.

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