Most People Fail – But Can You Find The Dog In This Picture?

Many of us like brain teasers from crossword puzzles for the ‘wordy’ to sudoku for the ‘number people’.  When we were younger we were challenged with the ‘find the difference’ photos and those that were intrigued grew to love the ever popular Where’s Waldo books.

Optical illusions attracted these puzzle seekers too from the 21 dots illusion in 2016 viral dress debate of 2018 that stormed the internet.

The most recent graphic puzzle hitting social media that some find they can solve immediately whilst leaving others bewildered and almost believing that it is a trick and there is no dog!

Where is the dog in this photo?

Take your time, not everyone sees it at first.

When you first look at the photo you would see just an empty bench in a park setting, Nothing special just a pretty picture. If you were not asked, most would not even see there is a dog in the picture.

But really, believe me – there is a dog in the photo! I promise.

Don’t rush it, you will see it when you look in the right spot… How long will it take you to find it?

Need some help?

Ok, we will crop the picture to make the visual area smaller. Now focus!

Still not seeing it?

A second crop may be the ticket for you and as they say, third time is the charm

Do you give up?

Okay you probably don’t believe there is a dog in the picture… so we have drawn a circle around him!

Are your friends up for the challenge?

Once you know, it is easy isn’t it?  Challenge your friends, send them the link and see how long it takes them to find the dog

h/t: hearty soul

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