Mysterious Blue Light Lights Up New York Sky, Now People Think Aliens Have Landed

What do you think when the night sky turns an unearthly shade of neon blue? The end is nigh? The aliens have at last landed?

Well, evidently a lot of people feared the latter as the mayor’s spokesman had to officially confirm it was ‘not aliens’ behind the peculiar hue up above.

It was actually caused by nothing more sinister than an explosion at a power plant. At least two transformers are believed to have blown up at the plant in Astoria, Queens at around 9.20pm.

LaGuardia Airport had to shut down for a brief period, however, the flames were quickly quelled and nobody was hurt… So yeah, less Spider-Man/Independence Day, more of a Homer Simpson episode after all.


But while the explosion itself wasn’t too dramatic, its impact on the sky above certainly was, and within minutes the street corners were crowded with confused and fearful onlookers.

Inevitably, it was not long before social media was all a flutter with speculative apocalyptic theories:

However, as quickly as the internet was rife with proclamations of mankind’s demise, the blue had faded from the sky – in about five minutes in fact.

But during that brief window, it sounds like it was a fairly spectacular sight.

According to the Independent, resident, Lucas Espinoza, 28, said: “The whole sky lit up with a pulsating greenish-blue light. I’ll admit that seeing the sky light up like that at night – in New York City of all places – put a bad feeling in my gut.”

Journalist for the paper, Dave Maclean, who lives in the neighbourhood, said: “The power cut out for a split-second, then the sky lit up. It looked like it was daylight from my front window. I went outside and people were gathered on the street corner, some with their hands to their mouths. The scene was incredible.”

Luckily, beyond some slight travel delays, the humans seem to have come away from this scare unscathed.

By Jake Massey @ Ladbible

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