New Moon In Taurus On April 22nd: Prepare For New Beginnings And Confidence

There’s a New Moon rising in Taurus, which is the beginning of a brand new lunar cycle — and a lot of other exciting moments. Since a New Moon signifies a new beginning for the moon, it makes sense that it can affect us humans in a similar way as well. The New Moon is generally thought of as a time for new beginnings, where we embark on new projects and leave the old stuff behind. The meanings behind a New Moon can vary slightly depending on the sign it rises in, and this month, it’s Taurus. So, what can you expect?

As always, the new moon is a time when we can sit with the shadows, with ourselves and with our stillness. We have a sacred opportunity during the new moon to plant the seeds we want to harvest as the light of the moon grows or waxes up until the full moon. The Taurus new moon will be on April 22nd 2020 (10:26PM ET).

A Taurus new moon is an excellent time to work on being better grounded, and not getting too caught up in the rush and fuss. Slow things down, and ground yourself to the Earth, to reality, to the here and now. We can be more present, more in the moment, and this can help us find appreciation for what we already have and are capable of.

This new moon is asking us to commit to pleasure, whether it’s through spending time eating delicious food, watching Netflix, getting intimate, taking a bath, dancing; there are so many ways to feel good and this new moon wants to remind you of that.

Taurus governs our finances and money, so this may be a good new moon for improving your financial situation, and working to make more in other ways. We may feel like the more we have, the more confident we are, but we should be careful not to tie money and things to our confidence. That just sets us up to feel bad.

Confidence can be higher with this new moon, especially after the Libra full moon (where confidence can be a little dicey). The more you let things roll in their own time and way, the more confident you can feel. Don’t push, just let it be!

Taurus governs our values, so we can work on trying to live according to the values we have. This helps us feel more authentic, and if our values don’t jive with who we are anymore, we can focus on new ones that do.

This new moon is square (hard aspect, 3 signs away) Saturn freshly in Aquarius and widely conjunct (aligned with) Uranus in Taurus (about 3 degrees). Uranus is change, the unconventional and different, while Saturn is the traditional and norms. This new moon may come with some challenging energy to making those two opposing energies work with one another, and we may feel like responsibilities and the practical holds us back from the changes we want and makes us more impulsive and rebellious, which just puts us in an even worse position. Be smarter with changes, and stay in control so you don’t give in to impulse.

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