Pluto Just Moved Direct in Capricorn, Bringing Major Changes

The end of Pluto in retrograde. Thus ending 6 onths of personal deaths, fallouts and difficult transformations. From April 2020 we are experiencing the “dark side” of our existence. Now it’s time to walk back from the underworld. The time has started to live again.

The stars made some heavy-duty shifts last weekend. On Sunday, October 4, Pluto, the modern ruler of the intense sign of Scorpio (*of course*), moved direct in the powerful earth sign of Capricorn. Responsible for transformation, change, and rebirth, Pluto seeks to completely transform the energy of the sign it’s in. Capricorn represents old structures, authority, and stability. Not only are massive shifts in order for the entire world, they’re happening in your own life, too.

Pluto in Capricorn’s earth-shattering energy has been dormant during its six-month retrograde stint since April 2020. And I don’t think we need to state twice what went down while this intense planet was direct! The past six months was a time to learn and uncover why certain changes occurred. Expansive Jupiter, reality-driven Saturn, and Pluto are all direct now and in what astrologers call a stellium, or a concentration of three or more planets. Sounds like a party, right?

Want to know where change are coming for you? Read for your sign below!


Your life path is undergoing a major shift, Aries! Are you subscribing to an old professional reality that’s no longer a fit for who you are now? A career change-up could be in order. Don’t worry, you are more than ready for this!


Taurus, it’s time to broaden your horizons and move out of your comfort zone (even though you notoriously love being comfy!). The Universe is helping you realize that some limiting beliefs have held you back from growth and change. Remove the thought “I can’t” and replace it with “I can!”


Prepare for changes having to do with marriage, the settlement of debts, or shifts in finances. I know this sounds scary, Gemini, but as long as you are being responsible, this time can be beneficial to your wallet. Just make sure you negotiate exactly for what you want.


Cancer, major relationship karma is in order. You’ve endured lesson upon lesson this year, thanks to Pluto. Now it’s time for forward movement. Take what you’ve learned over the past year and put it into practice.


Your health is the most important thing, as this planetary shift will make you aware. Perhaps you’ve been over-exhausting yourself? It’s time to pump the breaks and make changes in your work/life balance. Even lions can’t roar all the time.


This is a pivotal time for your creative projects, self-expression, or your children (if you have them). Maybe you’ve had to completely overhaul this area of your life and restructure how you do things. It’s okay, new perspectives lead to better creativity!


Emotional discomfort can creep in during this transit, Libra. This could be because you’re feeling restricted in a work or love relationship. Speak up!


Taking responsibility for your needs and wants is key, Scorpio. There is a way to communicate what you want effectively without alienating others. Especially with the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, it’s time to look within first and react later.


Your self-worth is up for review. Whatever you believe you’re worth, you will receive from others. Pluto is moving forward to teach you the art of healing your own energy. How do you navigate this? Ask for what you’re worth, even if there is discomfort!


Major shifts in who you are, your identity, and how the world perceives you are on deck. While this can feel exhausting, rest assured that change happens for a higher good! New opportunities are ahead.


You’ve done the self-work, Aquarius. Meditation, taking time for yourself, and practicing mindfulness have all contributed to your inner growth this year. Prepare for more subconscious shifts. You’re coming into your own.


Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are changing, Pisces. Certain life shifts have occurred, and the vision you have for your life is shifting, too. Surround yourself with people who share your same values. Community is more important than ever.

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