Quokkas Are the ‘World’s Happiest Animal’ and We Have The Proof

Chances are that you’ve never heard of the name quokka before. However, you have most likely seen photos of this happy little animal somewhere on the internet. They have the sweetest little smile on their face and they just appear to radiate good energy. No wonder they’re often referred to as the happiest wild animals on the planet.

They look slightly similar to the kangaroo and that’s because they come from the same family; the Macropodidae. They live on a few Australian islands such as Bald Island and Rottnest Island. These adorable little animals are herbivorous, mainly nocturnal and they can live for up to 10 years. The quokkas have a vulnerable conservation status, but unlike most other wildlife they are not afraid of human beings.

Because they don’t scare away from humans easily, they can be captured on camera quite well. A few years ago, there was even a trend for a while to take selfies with the animals. However, anyone caught by the authorities feeding or handling them can receive a fine of up to 300 Australian dollars. Perhaps it’s best to just let them live their happy little lives on these Australian islands. They might seem very huggable, nevertheless, these cuties are not suited to be your pet.

#1 Hug?

Gimme A Hug

 Campbell Jones
#2 Peaceful slumber

Smiling Even When Asleep

Lass With a Camera

#3 Looking cute for the camera

Smiling To The Camera

#4 Nice and cozy with mom

Hello World


#5 Selfie time

Funny Quokka Selfie


#6 Can I trade a leaf for a kiss?

Thank You For My Leaf Human. You May Kiss My Snoot


#7 Hello!

Wanna Try?

#8 Heart-melting quokka 

Quokkas - Melting Hearts Since Forever


#9 One exciting quokka

Hey, What's Uuuup


#10 Just having a light breakfast

Cute Quokka

#11 Happy Together

Happy Together


#12 Peachy!

Nom Nom Nom


#13 Baby quokka cuteness

Cuteness Overload


#14 “What are you looking at mommy?”

Like Mother, Like Baby


#15 Just another happy little quokka

Little Happy Quokka


#16 Quokka selfie

Happiest Quokka Selfie


#17 How you doin’?


#18 Embarking on an adventure 

Quokka The Wizard


#19 Those furry cheeks!

Those Little Paws

#20 Adorable level 100%

This Happy Quokka 

#21 Just a little snack

An Apple A Day


#22 Did you say “cheese”?

Happy Chap


#23 Proud mama

Happy Mama


#24 Just another cutie

Just Being Cute


#25 Oh hello

I Am Cute And I Know It


#26 Beach day!

The Cutest Fighter In The World


#27 Little heart breaker

That Smile Could Melt Any Heart

#28 Close-up

Always Camera Ready

Jack Barsby

#29 Radiant light

Best Happiness Teacher


#30 The happiest 

The Happiest Little Quokka

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