‘Strawberry’ Full Moon Is Coming This Week And It Happens To Be A Lunar Eclipse

The 5th of June marks the day of the Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, a time of  powerful reflection to be aware of our inner voice to speaking up. It is a time to stand firm and to allow our innermost strength to show.

The beginning of an Eclipse Gateway into the first of a trio of Eclipses will enlighten us to encounter a new direction emerging to give us the clarity we need from the path we have been on at present with significant changes.

Full Moons are intensified during a Lunar Eclipse and bring us a period of transformation and discoveries that are more intense.

This Lunar Eclipse appears at 14 degrees of Sagittarius, that is fascinatingly also the position of  the Great Attractor.

Our total galaxy is being drawn to the Great Attractor, a mystical and powerful attraction for the Universe that will boost the dynamism of this Eclipse.

At the magical 12:12pm for those at Pacific Standard Time, will be the time for this Lunar Eclipse to appear, an exceedingly powerful and engergised combination.

This event will also determine the beginning of the new Eclipse cycle and will be the first Sagittarius Eclipse sighted since 2010 – 2013.

Insight for you about what may be churned up in your existence during this interesting time, is that you need to cast your mind back to 2010 – 2013 and be mindful of what impact certain events had on your life at that time.

A time to be present and have deep reflection on what you learnt during those events and how you can make necessary changes to gain more insight and understanding to these moments that you may find yourself in once again.

Let’s take a plunge entirely into the June Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse and discover the messages that it may be bringing us…

A corridor is often opened up for our personal voyage for our soul during the Lunar Eclipse and has ten times the capacity of the Full Moon.

A time of new beginnings and endings, a time to let go of whatever it is that may be holding us back no matter how much we think it is of value to us.

Eclipses frequently open up a new way of thought for us to reflect on the paths we have currently chosen to reveal a new one.

Making way for new thinking, philosophies, opinions and clarity during the time of the Eclipse that falls in Sagittarius transpires.

Mars is a combatant force and becomes more vigorous during the time of the Lunar Eclipse under Sagittarius, opening the thoughts of finding our inner fighter and strength, giving it opportunity to glow.

Strength is needed to hear our own rage and annoyance during the heat of those times, when our emotions are running high, as there are lessons to be learnt.

Being present with our emotions allows for developments to come through, allowing us the lessons we need to learn of about what the underlying causes of these intense emotions are and how we can deal with them.

Our inner voices need to be listened to and we need to be aware of the work we need to do to not hush those that carry disgrace, blame or rage – there are powerful lessons in learning the art of listening.

If we constantly dismiss the harder or more abrasive thoughts and feelings when they arise, we never really get to understand them.

If we form a habit of shutting down those thoughts we are not really wanting to hear, we will never give ourselves the opportunity to fully comprehend them.

The intention is not to wallow in our inner thoughts and voices with negative chatter, but to not disregard them and not give them the time of  day either.

We need to embrace these thoughts and delve into them to determine what it is that we are meant to gain from listening them, what it is that is to be valued, imparted and tendered.

Releasing ourselves and paying heed to take the time needed to reflect and listen to ourselves, opens up opportunities to gain inner wisdom and deeper truths about ourselves.

Allowing these moments to take place opens new paths to perhaps discover things that we may have missed if we had just shut them down.

Many of us are in the mindset that it is love and light that gives the lessons, but pain, anger, jealousy and even resentment will offer great lessons too.

These strong feelings are often unpleasant and most of us do not want to ‘go there’, but it is very much part of our existence, that these feelings transpire and we should not bottle them up and pretend they are not there.

Allowing the space and the time to hear them and then set them free once we have accepted the pearls of wisdom that can be presented to us.

This is not a quick fix, it takes time and patience. Allowing and owning up to these thoughts and voices, no matter how unpleasant it may be at that time.  Give yourself the space needed to embrace the lessons we need to learn to better understand what it is that triggers us during these tumultuous emotions.

Knowing what your trigger points are that bring anger and fury out in you, are the evidence you need to truly understand what your abilities and purpose are.

Not acknowledging my inner feelings and thoughts and rather choosing what others think that my reaction should be in certain situations, creates turmoil and mostly is the stem of my angry feelings within.

This only became clear to me once I had understood and taken the time needed to sit with my anger. I now understand what it means by not giving my power away and where my attention needs to be focused.

Relationships during the June Eclipse will be stirred up somewhat too as Retrograde Venus will be active at this time too.

This Eclipse will also present opportunities to you to delve into any uncertainties and answer any questions you may be having in your relationships.

Allowing the Eclipse to light the way once you have set your intentions about your feelings or questions you may have, will open up the direction you need to follow that is the one that is most fulfilling for you, for your soul.

There is synchronicity with this Sagittarius Eclipse and the next two Eclipses opening up more passages to the journey we will be experiencing.

The path we will be on may be tumultuous and feelings of confusion and uncertainty may transpire along the way, but through all these feelings clarity and a deeper sense of what path we will choose and greater connection to our very own individual strength will arise.

A time of rebirth.


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