Stressed out?! Drink a Cup ‘Calm The F*ck Down’ Tea

Suffer from stress? Well not genuine, taxing stress, but the quirky kind that’s fun to talk about on social media? Have I got the thing for you!

Introducing Calm The F*ck Down Tea, the product that takes to task your troubles and ungrinds your gears in the most comforting and snug way possible.

Simply pour yourself a cup of this CTFD tea and watch your problems fade away… hopefully.

While not 100 per cent certain to cure your stress, obviously lol, I suppose there’s no harm in trying.

The company writes:

Nothing beats a cuppa. The builder’s brew has long held status as the national drink of Britain. Until now. If you’re after a more interesting alternative to your bog standard beverage – look no further.

A softening and refreshing blend of herbal tea, delicately dashed with camomile and peppered with lively liquorice. Delicious, reviving and sure to calm you the fuck down, soothe your stress with this sumptuous, tranquil fusion of loose herbal tea.

You heard right, not only does this sensational concoction taste glorious, its soothing qualities will console even the busiest of brains, hushing your woes, make you feel all warm and snuggly inside and of course calm you the fuck down.

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One reviewer wrote, ‘Excellent! Bought it for the tin but I’m sure the tea will calm me the f*** down!’ while another said, ‘Bought this for my boss… she calmed the f*** down as soon as she got it :-)’.

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A third added: ‘Smells incredible and is a perfect present for that stressy person in your life… if they can take a joke!’

I sure hope so! But it’s not fun and games. Tea does actually have positive effects on the body.

A 2017 study published in Nutrients, found participants were able to fall asleep much more easily when drinking decaffeinated green tea, saying they felt much less stressed out over the course of the one-week experiment.

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