Meet The 4 Most Loyal Of The Zodiac Signs

1. Capricorn

Capricorns do not have the best reputation when it comes to relationships. The reason being that they have a hard time prioritizing because they’re more concerned with their goals and ambitions in life than they are with their love life. They are very success-driven. That said, when the Capricorn does decide to commit to something (or someone) they are completely devoted and loyal. They are very particular about their partners and don’t choose them lightly. When a Capricorn is in a relationship they will try to work out any issues that may arise. If the relationship doesn’t work out they will end it but they aren’t likely to cheat on their partners; they simply don’t see the point.

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2. Cancer

Cancers are real relationship people and they love to fall in love and live happily ever after. It doesn’t take much for them to fall in love and as soon as they do, they immediately picture a future together with their loved one. They are great to be in a relationship with, given the fact that they are very considerate and express their love very openly. Because of these characteristics, they might sometimes come off as too intense or clingy. However, all they want is for their partner to be happy and feel cared for. When Cancers are in a relationship, they are extremely loyal and they would prefer to spend the rest of their lives with their partner.

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3. Taurus

The Taurus can be reluctant at the beginning of a relationship because they don’t want to waste any time on the wrong person. They will really try to get to know their potential partners very well because they want to know if a future together is possible. Once they have determined that the relationship can work and they’re in love, they will go all in. Taurus’ are very goal-oriented and they know what they want. When their new lover fits in their perfect picture, they will try to keep them around as long as they can. The Taurus is also very focussed on staying inside of their comfort zone so cheating isn’t something they would likely go for.

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4. Scorpio

Scorpios can be mysterious and often have several paradoxes in their personality. One of these paradoxes could be the way they feel about loyalty and trust. Despite the fact that Scorpios can be very erotic and can have a bit of a reputation for playing the field, they are incredibly loyal partners who try to be as open as possible. However, Scorpios can have some issues with trusting themselves. When their partners have a high demand for loyalty the Scorpio can feel this way. This causes them to sometimes be tempted to hurt their partners before they get hurt themselves. If they can get over this distrust of themselves, they can be incredibly loyal partners.

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