The First Animal You See Reveals A Lot About Your Subconscious Personality

The most significant impact we can have on ourselves is taking the time to really understand what it is that makes us tick – delving deep into ourselves to understand what it is that we enjoy or abhor, to what induces action in us to go for what we want; and then of course what it is that halts the process to move forward with decisions.  When we really get to know ourselves and have the acceptance and understanding of our quirks and strengths, this is when we can truly blossom. Imagery can aid in this process as the things we see first can give us some clarity of this understanding.

What you see first in the image  may assist in exposing some details about your personality that perhaps you were unaware of, or just need confirmation of.

Image Personality Test

In the picture below there are many images to be seen. First, scroll down so the entire picture is exposed on your screen, then shut your eyes and open them to look directly at the picture. What is the first animal that you see?

Remember what that animal is and then scroll down for an explanation and how this animal relates to you.

personality animals

The Zebra

Outgoing and known to be the ‘life of the party’. If you saw the Zebra first, your energy is captivating and people love being around you as your positive and energetic personality affects all those around you. You are often referred to as being, fun and outgoing and you thrive on being spontaneous while seeking adventure. Sometimes this can also be taxing, as you need regular exciting events and activities happening to keep your boredom intact.

The Cat

Fiercely independent and one who truly values being on your own, that is also dubbed as a loner or a reclusive person.  Sometimes you may be called shy, but this is not the case – you are happy in your own space and don’t need all the hype and attention to feel part of what is going on. Very much like a cat indeed.

The Duck

Always looking on the bright side of life and seeing the positive with no thought of being down in the dumps feeling sorry for yourself. Just like ducks being so happy in a pond! In fact, you don’t like seeing this negative behaviour in others and will be the first one to try lift their spirits encouraging them to see the light in the darkest places.  Sometimes you are so cheery that you may neglect the reality of being able to process complex situations and feelings.

The Koala

Similar to this animal – you are super chilled out taking life at your own leisurely pace without allowing anyone’s anxiousness or stress pull you out of your zone. A home based type of person who cherishes and values a peaceful night in, rather than being out on town having a big party.  Serenity and harmony is vitally important to you.

The Elephant

Seeing the elephant first determines that you are that person who others rely on as you are constant, honest, devoted and accountable – the one that family and friends turn to when they need help as you are the one that will always stop to listen and try help where and however you can. Your understanding of what it really means to be compassionate shows in your behaviour around others.

The Bear

Seeing the bear first depicts one who is a real old soul. You have always been wiser, ahead of your age and have undeniable self-restraint and deeply value traditions. You can become very unsettled with anything that may be spur of the moment, or with big changes – you prefer being more in the background than at the forefront of events. Your value of ethics and your moral code shows in your dedication to those that matter to you.

The Giraffe

The Giraffe epitomizes one who is able to merge into any situation and get along with anyone.  The one who can make conversation with anybody and keeps the conversation going.  Even with this outgoing type of personality, you can be vulnerable too.  This brings out an innate sense of loyalty to those that you care about and in particular those that have been loyal to you. Change is something you thrive on, you detest routine and doing the same things every day. Almost like a giraffe peering around stretching its long neck looking for something.

The Pig

If you saw the pig first, you are seriously independent and you thrive in your own company – very comfortable with who you are and what you stand for.  You absorb information and detail over a broad spectrum of interests. Your inquiring mind is always seeking new things to learn about and your quick way of retaining facts, no matter how small is admirable. You don’t forget anything! Your racing pace and impatience for those that can’t keep up with you, can make teamwork a challenge for you as you prefer to just get on with it yourself.

The Rabbit

Full of energy and happy, just like a rabbit. Your sincere compassion for others makes it easy for you to make friends and your energy lights up any situation. Creativity comes naturally to you and you can sense emotions of those around you, often making you the one who can help others. This can also be demanding on you and can sap your energy that can effect your own heath and emotions. Take heed of this to ensure you take time and make space for yourself and your needs too.

The Lion

The lion of course is a true leader and you will find yourself naturally slipping into this role without much thought. Your ease of leadership and abilities to persuade others to follow, brings about your passion to be a success and this can sometimes backfire too. Your strength may be perceived as dominance and can also be threatening to some. Be aware of this, to allow others to also have their say – communication is also about listening.

The Owl

We all know the owl is the wise one and if you saw the owl first, you undoubtedly have this wisdom.  Your indefatigable nature to delve deep into all things and your enjoyment of spending that time reflecting and spending time on your own, is your favourite pastime. You are not social butterfly and don’t enjoy big gatherings. Your need for structure and order is vitally important to you and when you don’t have it – your anxiety levels rise exponentially.  Be careful to not let your strong sense of order cloud your wittiness and high intelligence to others, you don’t always need to be in control.


Are the descriptions of the animal you first saw, aligned with how you would explain your personality?

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