The Gemini New Moon On May 22nd Is Going To Be The Most Magical Dark Moon Of The Year

The great momentum from the planets Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn improves the Pleiadean Portal  and in particular on 22nd May 2020 when the Gemini New Moon appears.

This abundance of comic bustle can make one feel a little ‘out of sorts’, but as with everything there is a way to turn this around to benefit from it.

For a little insight into what the New Moon can bring you, is to think of it as – an amazing new birth whose story is not clear about what the future holds, but it is new and a precious time to reflect and be aware.

The New Moon is actually the Dark Moon, as the moon is not able to be seen in the dark sky.

At the beginnings of a new lunar phase, it is a good time to take this opportunity to create and explore what gives us a sense of fulfillment, or get in the garden and plant those seeds that have been waiting for this special moment – a perfect time for new growth. Get clear about some of your goals and take some time to sit with your thoughts and be still.

In the darkness at the time of the New Moon, can also be a time of mystical moments and the unknown, that can unsettle many.

When the New Moon falls in Gemini that is the Zodiac sign of twins, the tug of being wrenched into two different directions is common. Sometimes this confusion is between our hearts and our minds and this feeling is always one that tends to unsettle everyone.

Gemini twins embody the connection of earth and heaven, and when the New Moon emerges, it enhances a deeper awareness of the mysteries of life.

Embracing this time of the unknown and the intense connection of the magic that surrounds it, is the opportune moment to connect and accept the rewards of this imaginative time.

Feelings of loss, being miserable and confused may seem to be everlasting during this time too for some, but there is hope to reward your struggle, as there is always light after darkness.

Questions abound for answers on how we can relate the connection of both the physical & spiritual feelings 

To give us some stability and essential grounding, Retrograde Saturn is present during the New Moon. Saturn also provides us with the support needed in the ability you have to make clear setting of goals and achieving them in a strong and concise way.

Our ability to make informed decisions and strengthened by the presence of Saturn pushing us to face facts and get on with it, whatever it may be, to the best of our abilities.

On this New Moon, what behaviour and reactions are you going to choose to ensure these are the important ones to nurture your future wishes?

Mercury, Venus and Neptune will give us some balance during all the pragmatism and earthly grounding from Saturn, by bringing in powerful water and air forces.

At the very same time of this New Moon, Mercury and Retrograde Venus will appear at the precise degree of the zodiac, 20 degrees of Gemini.

Both these planets will align to Neptune, the planet of spirituality and dreams that has the tendency to also create a some blurry moments during a time of seeing new possibilities.

Neptune’s existence may leave some feelings of bewilderment and perhaps at a bit of a disconnection too, possibly presenting some confusion about decisions.

Never was a time, to be more committed to follow your instinct.

Welcome the energy that the cosmos is providing and let it support the faith you need to keep your wits about you.

Embrace the moments that come when feeling indecisive and allow the time you need to make the decisions that are best.  Allow yourself to be guided.

Patience and being gentle with yourself is vital to find the answers you need, they are there if you allow them to appear.

Finding our way to the new light after being in the dark of the Gemini New Moon, is a journey to be embraced.

Being present with yourself and allowing your senses to absorb these moments is a powerful time, to embrace and hold.

Your goals for the future, setting meaningful objectives and thoughts for what lies ahead during this time of the planets coming together will help you figure it all out.

Learn to trust your inner voice, your wisdom and take the time that is needed to be patient and let the answers come without force.


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