The Zodiac Sign He’ll Dump You For, According To His Sign

It is no fun getting dumped. It is one of the suckiest things to happen. Those of us who are into astrology will look at our dude’s sign and read into our compatibility with him and will spend hours trying to overanalyze what the hell went wrong. There are different things that make a guy tick based on his sign, and only a special type of lady can tap into that side of his psyche. Each of the signs have different characteristics that they fall for, and you were probably lacking in the department that bae needed the most.

Before you read anything on compatibility, find out what gets each zodiac sign going. Whether or not that person they dump you for is actually good for them is a completely different story. Whether or not that other person reciprocates those feelings for them is also another story. In any case, certain zodiac signs tend to be drawn to other zodiac signs for specific reasons. Those signs make them feel complete and will give them butterflies in their stomach the way that your zodiac sign wasn’t able to. They will be able to fill a void and provide a need in their life that wasn’t there before.

Here are what types of people and zodiac signs that he is likely to replace you with, according to his sign.

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Will Dump You For Someone Who Excites Them More

Fire signs are high energy and have a passion burning inside them that needs an outlet. What they want in a partner is someone who is going to be that outlet for them. They love excitement whether that be in the form of action like adrenaline sports or the suspense of someone keeping them on their toes. These are the lovers of novelty and new adventures, so someone better be able to be full of surprises, otherwise, they will get bored. They need praise and a bit of ego-stroking from the people that they care about the most, so they will go for anyone who can provide that positive reinforcement and endless compliments. Fire signs love to live life on the fast track so keep up with them or don’t even start. As the old saying goes, “if you can’t take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen.”

Aries: Will Become Infatuated With The Witty Gemini

Geminis are the communicators of the zodiac and they can spread information, gossip and interesting facts like nobody’s business. They are quick with their words and have spontaneous personalities that the Aries guy just cannot get enough of. The Aries man isn’t the biggest talker of the zodiac, but Gemini is the queen of conversation and will bring more talkativeness out of him. Both signs are extroverted and a bit impulsive, so don’t be surprised if the relationship gets serious sooner rather than later. Her flirty nature will titillate the raw masculine energy of the Aries man. A Gemini will change up the routine so that will ensure that the Aries will never get bored with her. Their conversations will last throughout all hours of the night.

Leo: Will Ditch You When The Aquarius Temptress Strokes His Ego

A Leo man is charming and lights up the room with his charisma. He is friendly and gives many compliments as well as he likes to receive them. What he needs in this life is someone who can constantly reassure him and make him feel like he the best boyfriend that they have ever had. When he introduces someone to his friends and family, she needs to be social and easy to get along with. An Aquarius lady has the ability to make him feel like he is the king not just in her life, but to everyone around him. They are opposite signs because the Leo wants to rule the kingdom and the Aquarius can gather up his minions for him. She will bond with the people close to him because she is friendly and has killer networking skills. This match will be upbeat and have what the other one lacks.

Sagittarius: The Taurus Girl Tickles His Funny Bone

A Sagittarius man and the Taurus woman will have a strong, larger than life physical attraction towards one another. Though they aren’t the most compatible pair, their chemistry will be off the charts. This may be a fling that won’t last very long, but the Sagittarius male is more likely to cheat on his girlfriend with a Taurus woman. He is demonstrative and her sensuality will turn him on leaving him wanting to get to know her more. Though she is more grounded and introverted, both are signs that are always down for a good time and like to look on the brighter side. His sense of humor will keep her laughing and she will be able to dish it right back to him. There will be some fun shared experiences with these two.

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Will Dump You Who For Someone Who Adds Meaning To Their Life

Earth signs are all about this physical world and they have a knack for making the best of whatever situation that they are in. They know how to create an environment that is stable and they are usually the ones that their friends depend on. Their element signifies materialism and when they find someone, they go for the practical aspects of their relationship. What they are secretly craving deep down is someone who adds some meaning and purpose to their life that delves deeper beneath the surface. Though their commitment is based more off of economic and cultural differences than on emotions or passion, they still want someone to tap into that part of them. Water signs are usually good at that.

Taurus: Will Disappear Into La-La-Land With The Adventurous Sagittarius

A Taurus man is ruled by Venus which is the planet of beauty, love, and harmony. He craves a woman who makes his life balanced. A Sagittarius woman is happy-go-lucky and is ruled by the sign of Jupiter, the planet of expansion and leisure time. She is optimistic and always sees the glass half full and that is refreshing for the Taurus. She will be able to bring him out of his at times socially-awkward shell and take him on some adventures. Again, Taurus and Sagittarius are not the most compatible signs, but they infinitely enjoy each other’s company. She wants to see the world and he is willing to go along for the ride.

Virgo: Will Get Swept Away By The Capricorn

A Virgo man is naturally neurotic and fussy by nature so what he loves in a woman is someone who can come in and help him get his act together. Enter the Capricorn woman: She has a classy inner strength about her that gives him a sense of structure in his life. He loves to plan ahead for everything and focuses on the minor little details. She will take that potential and inspire him with her ambitious attitude. She will paint a picture of success right before his eyes. They are both organized and practical signs that are also kind of shy at the same time. He doesn’t fall in love at first sight but this will not offend her the way it does with other girls.

Capricorn: The Nurturing Cancer Will Soften His Heart

A Capricorn man’s goal in life is to leave a legacy behind him. He seeks to go out into the world and stake his claim over his lofty ambitions. He is career-oriented but also a family man at the same time. A Cancer woman is his opposite and she will make a perfect domesticated environment for him. Since Cancers are focused on the home, she will make sure that everything is taken care of while he is chasing his dreams. They are both protective of each other and their loved ones but in different ways. Cancers will guard the emotions and feelings of those around them. Capricorns will make sure that no one puts themselves in a dangerous situation. The calculated nature of a Capricorn will have his heart melt by the caring and nurturing Cancer. Watch out if this girl is around your Cappy boyfriend.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Will Dump You For Someone Who Stimulates Their Mind

Airs signs are highly intellectual people and they seek those who match them on a mental level rather than a directly sensual or emotional one. They love conversations and need someone who can keep up with their need to talk and sometimes even debate. These signs will never truly be happy unless they find a partner who they consider an intellectual equal. They are highly verbal and need to use words to communicate. Their thoughts are idealistic and they work through abstract thought. If you are dating an Air sign and notice that they are straying away, they have found someone else who can dazzle them with their wits. Their brains are constantly in motion with little break in between so you need to be able to keep up.

Gemini: Loves How The Virgo Puts Him In His Place

A Gemini man needs to go out of his way in order to impress a Virgo woman. She can be pretty unforgiving to any failed attempt to win her friendship or attention. This is what will drive him to win her affection even more because she gives him a challenge. His charm will make up for the fact that he has changeable moods and personalities. She will find him entertaining and will want to be in his company more often as he will try harder to woo her. Virgo women aren’t afraid to put a Gemini in his place and call him out on his BS when his words don’t match up with his actions. A Gemini is actually turned on by someone who is willing to do this.

Libra: Can’t Get Any Flirtier Than With A Fellow Libra

Libras men are charming and debonair. They love to laugh and crave the company of anyone who makes them laugh. They can also be a bit full of themselves and don’t usually talk about things that are too unpleasant. Libras way of talking to people is all smiles to the point where it seems like they are flirting with almost anyone. Jealous types need not apply if they are going to date a Libra. This is why Libras are so attracted to other Libras. They feed off each other’s playful energy and need to socialize. They are sometimes accused of being superficial, but really they are lovers of beauty in the world. There is no other sign that will seduce a Libra more than another Libra.

Aquarius: A Pisces Lady Will Make Him Feel In Control

Aquarian men are a fixed sign so that means that they are set in their ways, ideas, and conventions. They have brilliant ideas that they want to share with the world and almost have a need to preach. Aquarian guys feel as if they were born to serve a special purpose to humanity. They are often seen by others as too opinionated or even disagreeable. What these guys will love about Pisces is that they go with the flow and can change course according to how the Aquarian will stream them. They are willing to follow along with him and will not put up a fight. Aquarian men are emotionally detached and therefore like to see emotional sensitivity in some people so that they have a powerful hold over them. A Pisces girl will be molded by his ideas and beliefs.

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Will Dump You For Someone Who Provides Security

Water signs are ruled by their emotions and intuition. Rather than pure rational thought, they go with their gut instincts in order to make decisions. They can read people very well just by picking up vibes and energy in the room. They already know whether or not someone is going to be good for them be it in friendship or romance. This can make them very sensitive not just to their own feelings but the feelings of other people around them. They are drawn to people who will give them a solid foundation of security in their life. Earth signs are usually the most compatible with them and they will leave their current relationships if they are not getting what they need emotionally from their partners.

Cancer: Will Get Sucked Into The Mysterious Scorpio Vortex

These two water signs will make a deep bond and will have the utmost affection for one another. The Cancer man is introverted and a bit moody. A Scorpio woman is dark and mysterious so that goes hand in hand with the complexities of the Cancer man’s emotions. He is intrigued and wants to get to know her more where some men might feel intimidated or even weirded out by her aloof poise. Scorpios are loners at heart and keep their circle of friends close and tight because they would rather have few close bonds than many superficial bonds. The Cancer man loves this about his Scorpio girl and wants to keep her wrapped around his finger. Watch out if this type of vixen is around your boyfriend.

Scorpio: Feels The Passionate Fire From The Aries Firecracker

Both the Scorpio man and Aries woman are ruled by the planet of Mars which represents energy, action, and desire. They are both passionate people except the Scorpio has a calm and cool demeanor where the Aries girl is vivacious and robust. Both of them are the no-BS type of people. They will have a strong physical attraction towards one another and they both have the ability to turn their raw energy into creative energy. Neither one of these two is afraid of confrontation and that will turn into passion in the bedroom. The Scorpio will be entranced by the optimism of the Aries woman and that will help him see things from a less cynical point of view. She has a competitive streak that makes him want to keep up with her speed.

Pisces: Craves The Entertainment Of An Aquarius

A Pisces man is a romantic at heart and his thoughts can get lost in a sea of fantasy and delusion at times. An Aquarian woman is quirky and has an offbeat sense of humor that the Pisces will absolutely adore. She will be impressed by his simple romantic gestures and he will appreciate the fact that she is not materialistic. An Aquarius will continue to surprise your Pisces man with whimsical and crazy thoughts that float through her head at any given minute. Think of this match as that hipster couple that you meet at some downtown dive bar. Her odd behavior will not faze him but in fact, make him even more interested. He will be able to get her out of the clouds and bring her back down to earth.

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