These Signs Should Never Get Married According To Vedic Astrology

Have you ever really liked someone and then decided to look into whether your zodiac signs match up? You could see they aren’t a good match and feel as if the whole relationship is doomed from the very start.

Relationship myths

This isn’t entirely true and every relationship needs a lot of work put into it from both partners to succeed. Here is a simple guide on which zodiac signs really go well together and which are a lot harder to be with each other.

Marriage compatibility

If your husband or wife is listed as a worst match, don’t be writing your divorce papers just yet! Give someone the opportunity to make your relationship blossom over time and who knows, you could become very compatible, regardless of your sign!


They are daring, independent, passionate, so someone opposite won’t work in your favour. Your worst match is Taurus because- They hate the chase in a relationship whereas it’s fun for you. They like to know where they stand in the relationship quite often, making it more draining for you and less light hearted.

They are sometimes a little too practical when you just want to be more daring. They will find it hard to come to terms with a relationship that is ending, whereas you like to cut the cord and move on straight away.


You are determined, honest, and loyal, and believe in living a practical life. Your worst match is Sagittarius because, they can be a little too much for you to handle, due to them being a fire sign. As an earth sign, you like a little peace now and then, yet Sagittarius can play mind games often to be fun, which just doesn’t translate well with you.

They can be guilty of not taking important things seriously enough for your liking, such as your future together. They can have a lot of experience in relationships, which can turn you off big time.


Known for their loyalty, Geminians are also fun-loving people, who are always on lookout for something exciting in their lives. Your worst match is Capricorn because you don’t feel they do enough that excites you. They’re honest nature can be a little too honest at times and upset you.

They can often try and bring you down to earth in times where you just want to be a dreamer. They like “to do lists” and you like to go with the flow every step of the way. It makes them look controlling and you look childish.


You are emotional, caring and have a helpful nature. Your worst match is Aquarius because, they are very happy with their savings account and their money only being spent on what they really need, when some days you love to treat yourself. This is not great for a joint account.

Sometimes, they’ll correct you when it really isn’t needed when you’re alone plus it’s even worse when you’re both with a crowd of people. They are extremely independent and this can make you feel like they don’t need you what so ever. In reality, you want to know someone cares about you. Their protective nature is intended as sweet however; sometimes you’ll feel as if they’re belittling you.


You are charming, flirty and confident of your personality. You are mentally strong, but hate when people misjudge you. Your worst match is Scorpio because they can be a little too much for you, often being stubborn and always wanting to show their strong point of views. They’re fun, just as much as you however; they aren’t the best for giving compliments, which is what you love to hear from a partner.

They can overall be a bit difficult to deal with because of their jealous ways which will clash with your naturally flirty, charming nature. They are determined when it comes to their career, making you feel annoyed that they can be jealous but also not have enough time for you.


Caring and helpful, you guys are bit artistic in everything you do. Your worst match is Sagittarius because they like the chase and you hate it. There will always be that uncertainty surrounding your relationship, with one of you having one foot in and one foot out.

They can be too carefree and not think about how their actions can hurt your feelings. They can disappear off the face of the earth for a week or two which is offensive to you. You don’t want an invisible partner.


You are carefree, quirky and known for your sociable aura. But, your worst match is a Virgo, because they are too uptight at times, making you feel a little trapped. You don’t want to have to persuade them to do wild things with you, you want a partner who is up for the crazy ride.

Their need to be right and be practical can annoy the hell out of you when you want a bit of fun. They can be a little critical of how carefree you are, which can sometimes make you doubt yourself and we can’t have that for a relaxed Libra.


Known for your reliability, you guys come across as comfortable companions. But, your worst match is Aries, because they are too damn fiery when you want a soft, loving relationship. You feel like they always want it their way and it doesn’t work for you in a relationship.

They aren’t a big fan of talking about where you are heading, when you just like people who are going to be honest. You’re a lot better as business partners or friends, with the ability to step away from each other when needed.


You have an upbeat and unmatched energetic persona. You come across as a very positive person. But, your worst match is Taurus because they aren’t the best people to be spontaneous because of their busy, practical lifestyles, making you feel there isn’t much excitement.

You like to go crazy sometimes but they like to keep it safe when it comes to decisions. They don’t like drastic change as much as you do, meaning they won’t easily pack up their bags and move in with you until it’s thought about in great detail. You’re fiery and they’re much more down to earth, making you show your attraction in very different ways.


Because you guys are honest, loyal, and ambitious, you expect a companion who supports your dream and reciprocates your efforts. But, your worst match is a Gemini because you have a lack of understanding of them a lot of the time. Geminis are very hard to change, whereas you can change very easily when the time is right, which makes you feel that they are being too stubborn.

You can look too boring towards them, when actually, it’s more the fact that you don’t want to be wild 24/7. They can be very skittish whereas you like to stay very organised.


A bit over-protective, you guys have a hard time when people do not reciprocate your loyalty. In that case, your worst match is a Cancer because they can be far too emotional for you. Your independence means they can accuse you of neglecting them when actually, you’re just getting on with your life as an individual.

They want a very grown up, honest relationship from square one whereas you like a little bit of casual fun at first. They can be a little tight with their money whereas you like to go on romantic trips whenever you can, making you feel like they don’t actually want to do these types of activities with you.


Born romantic, you guys have great respect for emotions. But, your worst match is a Virgo because they are rather critical and too practical whereas you’re sensitive and dreamy. You will find it hard to see eye to eye. As opposite signs, you can either clash really badly or in rare cases, make up for what each other lack, sometimes creating a great relationship, if the Virgo is willing.

They can be a little tricky to keep up with. One minute they can be happy, next minute not. This gives you lack of confident, which is worse thing for you. This combination works great as close friendships because then there isn’t an emotional attachment that is too intense.

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