This Double Tent Cot Prevents You From Sleeping On The Hard Cold Ground

If you love Camping but hate sleeping on the ground then we have the perfect thing for you. Sure, you can have an air mattress but it is still freezing cold and sometimes it deflates and BLAH.

Well, forget traditional tents and air mattresses because This Double Tent Cot Prevents You From Sleeping On The Cold Hard Ground and I just bought it!

You guys! This is next-level genius and we may even say, it’s kind of Glamping.


This double cot tent is made to elevate you above the ground while sleeping.

Kamp-Rite’s Double Tent Cot is the two-person version in the line of Tent Cot products. The sturdy aluminum frame keeps you 11” above the ground to provide comfort and protection from insects, rocks and dampness.

No more being wet, cold or even waking up with a hurting back, barely being able to walk out of your tent.

This is the double cot version but they also have a single cot versionif you are a solo camper.

We cannot even tell you how smart this invention is and we are totally getting one. While it won’t fit our entire family, it will certainly be perfect for taking naps in.

You can get a Double Tent Cot on Amazon Here.

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