Tonight’s New Moon Will Bring Quite Some Chaos And Major Changes Into Your Life

The end of November is getting closer and things are becoming increasingly more intense. The month might be nearly over but the intensity isn’t quite yet. Tonight’s new moon on November 26th will not be like most new moons we experience. This moon will give us a chaotic and disarranged feeling, as opposed to the usual sense of new beginnings. Because the new moon will be in Sagitarrius at four degrees, we will be focussed on our own needs and desire to be free.

It can get quite stressful as Mars opposes Uranus which highly affects the new moon. We will possibly experience nervousness and feeling out of place which can cause problems for us if we do not handle it correctly.

When Mars opposes Uranus we might experience anger, irritation and rapid unforeseen change. We must be careful as these negative feelings can easily reach a boiling point and cause explosive behavior. These feelings of recklessness and dismissal can also lead to rebellion and the ignoring of our tasks and obligations. Additionally, we might endure personal attacks, irritation or even violence. Tread carefully this new moon and you might want to think twice before criticizing or provoking someone.

The new moon of October this year was also opposite Uranus and had similar influences of unpredictability and uncertainty. Mars will be in the same location as October’s new moon so cautiousness is advised. These influences can make you feel explosive and a little crazy. The new moon of November will bring these energies back for another 28 days.

Anxiety and tension can be caused by Sun quincunx Uranus which will also build up energy that can feel thrilling and frightening at the same time. When Mars opposes Uranus, relaxing can be very hard. This can be especially challenging when your freedom has been confined or you feel creatively blocked.

Someone with power over you might demand change or a change of conditions. Behavior, plans or patterns might have to be altered. It might be helpful to keep in mind that flexibility is important and the ability to adapt to change. One way or another, adjustments will have to be made. If you are unable or unwilling to adapt or be flexible, you might suffer some losses. Being stubborn or overly sensitive will not help you either. This doesn’t mean you have to turn your whole life around but some minor changes will have to be made.

While these energies are present we might be overly responsive and quick to anger, so being aware of ourselves is key. The more relaxed we are about our relationships, our life and the necessary changes, the better this upcoming 28 days will go. Without noticing, we will be in search of the meaning of our own lives. Sagittarius can be quite a difficult energy to deal with but if we are aware of all of these influences and are able to be flexible, we might be just fine.

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