Scientists Say Very Few People Can Spot An Animal In This Picture

An image online has had people staring at it hard with only a rare percentage being able to see the animal hidden inside it. The image is an illusion known as ““They Can Disappear” made famous by Ilja Klemencov, an artist from Russia.

This Image Is More than Just Black and White Stripes

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At first glance, the image looks to be nothing more than a black and white image of wavy lines. However, there is an animal hidden inside it. A small percentage of people have been able to see the hidden animal straight away just by glancing at it, while others have struggled to see it. Some have had glimpses of the animal but being unable to make it out clearly, while others cannot see it no matter how hard they state at the image.

If you are among the rare few that can see the animal clearly well done. If you cannot, or you are struggling to see it clearly, you might want to try relaxing your eyes, not trying too hard. Some people find that if they squint they are able to pick up the hidden image or looking at the image from a distance. Some people have said they can briefly see the animal when they scroll the page along with the image.

Russian Artist Designed Hidden Panda to Highlight Plight of Pandas in the Wild

Hidden inside the wavy black and white lines there is a panda. The artist from Russia created the illusion as a clever way of bringing focus to the plight of the panda with the damage being done to the population. The hidden image is actually the one used by the WWF on their logo. The panda in the wild is losing its habitat with this becoming a huge threat to what is a beautiful creature.

Wwf India World Wide Fund For Nature Wwf-india

Being able to see the panda hidden in the image all depends on how the brain is able to see things. Often an illusion will trick the brain of some people more than others will. Whether a person can see the hidden image depends on how well the brain and eyes work in conjunction with each other. If you cannot see the panda, simply relax, close your eyes, then open them halfway while squinting at the picture. This is the best way to get a glimpse of it, the more you strain, the less likely of seeing the animal.

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