Watch: Fanatic Dog Joins Workout Class On The Beach

While some of us are unable to devote time due to work commitments, most of us tend to avoid it due to our laziness. Procrastinating your gymming sessions and exercises?

It’s time to take inspiration from a little pup. Yes, you hear that right. Riptide, the dog, is showing his daily activities.

The golden retriever happily joined the Stanford Women’s Crew at a beach workout session in Redwood City, California out of curiousity and ended up being a constant presence at their training bouts.

A viral video of Riptide shows him joining the team for a round of ab bicycles by holding paws to his chest and flapping his legs in a circuit routine. While doing so, the cute canine seems to be a super fun time.

A few candid shots of the dog posing for a photo with the Stanford Women’s Crew are also floating around on social media networking sites.

The video, posted by Stanford Crew, also shows people cheerfully encouraging Riptide for all his courage and determination.

So get ready, get inspired and let this amazing dog warm your heart!


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