What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Relationship

Couples get attuned to each other as they spend more and more time together. They get comfortable with each other’s behaviors, attitudes and get in sync as time passes. In their waking hours, they may appear close and happy but it is when they hit the bed and fall asleep that some secrets are revealed. While they sleep, they are no longer in control of their actions and their positions are dictated by their unconscious which knows the truth. It is, therefore, their sleeping positions which reveal what the relationship is like.

#1 Shingles

This position is defined by the guy laying on his back with open arms and the woman sleeps with her head on his chest. The reverse can happen too and are essentially the same. This position signifies a high level of trust. It shows an open relationship which is based on mutual respect, love, and camaraderie. This is quite a comfortable position for the couple, bringing them together and strengthening their bond.

#2 Sweetheart’s cradle

The honeymoon hug is defined by the partners sleeping locked in an embrace. As the couples sleep facing each other, it is one of the most intimate sleeping positions. While it may reflect a really strong bond between the two, it may also show the extremely high levels of dependency on each other (not that it’s a bad thing). The partners trust each other and look to comfort each other even while they are asleep, which says a lot about the love they share together.

#3 The shut up pose!

This position is not really a position but happens when one of the partners is a loud sleeper. If a partner snores loudly; kicks in their sleep; is agitated while sleeping etc. the other partner may struggle throughout the night. This happens, but the partner cannot be blamed completely. But, a prolonged period like this could start reflecting on the relationship as the partner who cannot sleep would end up feeling slighted. The best thing to do here is to talk and rectify the problem in small steps.

#4 The grab

The grab is a position where one of the partners hogs the comforts. One could hog the blanket or almost the entire bed if they sleep like a starfish. Either way, the other partner receives less than their share of the bed comforts. This shows a slight selfishness in the relationship on the part of the one who hogs the bed. The other person may be giving in nature and may not mind that much but there is definitely an inequality in the relationship which they need to work upon.

#5 The Spoon

This position is defined by the male holding the female from behind as they sleep. It is one of the most common and traditional sleeping positions, especially among those in long-term relationships. Unconsciously, the male acts as a shield and protects the female while the female is sensitive and enjoys the care thus provided. The relationship reflects a strong caring nature on the part of both sexes and shows strength in togetherness.

#6 The pursuit

The pursuit is when the male is held by the female from behind as they sleep. Unconsciously, the male could be looking for care, may be trying to establish some distance or could be hiding something. The female, on the other hand, is caring and wishes to know what’s going on in his head. The body language clearly indicates some rift but nothing which cannot be solved through clear communication.

#7 The cliffhanger

The cliffhanger is also known as the heavy heart position. It is defined by the partners sleeping with their back to each other and with considerable distance between them. It signifies difficult questions like ‘what is wrong with our relationship?’, ‘why are we falling apart if we are?’, ‘where did the closeness go?’ etc. It could also be a one-time thing if you have had a fight but if the position persists, you need to reassess your relationship immediately.

#8 Zen style

This is a common position when the couple had had a fight or if they feel annoyed with each other but not so much that they feel separated. They sleep facing away from each other but they remain in physical contact. It shows a healthy relationship wherein you are free to express your annoyance and yet feel the need to be close as you know the rift won’t last long. You look to re-establish closeness without being clingy and that is a mature relationship to be in.

If you find yourself sleeping in a position that raises red flags over your relationship, the best thing to do is to put it out in the open. Talk to each other, communicate and let the partner know your thoughts. The sleeping position may just be an indicator but you need to pay attention for the sake of your relationship.


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