What Each Zodiac Sign Is Secretly Scared Of But Won’t Admit

Fear, an obstacle for everyone’s life. Have you faced that? deadly sure that yes You must also have faced the fear in one or another aspect. It would be difficult to believe that even our zodiac signs fear of some traits, shocked? But that’s true. Let’s have a look how?

#1. Aries: Fear Of Losing People

The one who is damn close to us, we never want to lose them at any cost. The people having Aries as the zodiac sign fear this the most, they worry a lot about the people that are very close to them.

#2. Taurus: Fear Of Instability

It’s very much crucial to have stability in your life in every aspect. The people having zodiac sign Taurus have a fear of instability which cannot get away until they will not make themselves strong.

#3. Gemini: Fear Of Making Decisions

Gemini people often change their choices, decisions, promises made to others or themselves.They just don’t like sticking to one thing and that’s why their decision keeps on changing and hence their fear of taking decisions. Simply because they do not like sticking to one thing.


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#4. Cancer: Fear Of Leaving Home

Cancer people are really emotional and sensitive people. They fear losing their home, family member and loved one. They often like the comfortableness of their home which often leaves them alone. The isolation doesn’t settle well with them either.

#5. Leo: Fear Of Being Ignored

People of Leo zodiac sign has Athazagoraphobia, fear of being ignored. They just can’t stand going unnoticed. That’s their fear- the fear of going unnoticed or being ignored. They want to be validated and for that, they’ll do anything to be acknowledged.

#6. Virgo: Fear Of Imperfection

Virgo people are extremely orderly, organized and cleanest people because the only thing that can terrify a Virgo is chaos. They not only fear the external imperfection but their own personal imperfections.


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#7. Libra: Fear Of Being Alone

Libras are exceptionally good companions. The only thing that frightens them is being alone. They always surround themselves with people and it is really difficult for anyone else to separate them from their loved ones.

#8. Scorpio: Fear Of Betrayal

The one thing Scorpios fear the most in life is betrayal and hurt from their loved ones. They are very hard to get close to because they do not open up to many people. They fear abandonment and so they do not let many people in.

#9. Sagittarius: Fear Of Losing Freedom

They are explorers and the thought of being controlled or losing their freedom is terrifying to them. They do not like enclosed spaces. They want to explore, roam freely and that too independently.


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#10. Capricorns: Fear Of Failure

One thing that haunt Capricorns in their life is a failure. Failure is an absolute no for them. They try anything and everything in order to succeed. They pride in providing for their family and success and the mere thought of being a failure scares them.

#11. Aquarius: Fear Of Institutionalism

They fear to lose their individuality in the group. They view institutions as a kind of entrapment. They just do not like the idea of “group” kind of thing. They are much happier in their own space.

#12. Pisces: Fear Of Confrontation And Responsibility

If you are dealing with a Pisces, you need to know that they run miles away from confrontation. They don’t like to be confronted with the things they do in their life. They want to go in their life at their own pace and that’s why they fear responsibility as well. In fact, it right to say that they live in their fantasy world and responsibilities frighten them.


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