What Message Does A Crossed Over Loved One Have For You?

Our crossed over loved ones continue to love, guide us, and protect us from the other side long after they have left us here in the physical. They come to us in our dreams, through songs on the radio, and even through visits from the animal kingdom through birds, dogs, cats etc. To find out what your message is, select the image that speaks the most to you.

By Laurie Barraco

1. Your soul is bringing your fears front and center for you to acknowledge them, identify them and move them into a place of healing and understanding. Our fears paralyze us and grab a hold of our emotions and thoughts and often hold us in a place of stagnancy and are usually about something that has not even manifested. In other words, fear is not an actual physical thing. With our thoughts and emotions we give life in the physical to our fears. By understanding your fears, you free yourself from your own self imposed prison and begin to welcome in joy and hope into your heart. This is an excellent time to use journaling as your processing tool to aide you in shifting through the fears that have held you captive for so long.


2. Spirit encourages us to tune into the vibration of love instead of our analytical skills when we are faced with a relationship that is in danger of dissolving. Instead of using your sharp analytical skills, use the vibration of love to meet the other party with where they are at. By sharing your love and loving intentions with them, you will be able to be heard more clearly and vice versa and there is hope for this relationship that is strained at the current time.

3. Are you allowing your emotions to be influenced by the opinions and feelings of others? Or it could possibly be that you are influencing others by sharing your own experiences and not giving them the opportunity to formulate their own opinion? It’s quite possible this is happening in your life right now and this is why your soul is bringing this up. Somewhere we are dealing with someone trying to persuade others to feel a certain way and you are either on the receiving or giving end. Yes, sometimes we want to save someone from heartache and vice versa; someone may want to spare us an unfortunate situation and disappointment but not everyone will have the same experience. It’s important to base all decisions and discernments based upon personal experience and perception.


4. It’s almost time for you to make that announcement that you have been waiting for the perfect time to unveil what you have patiently kept on the DL. What this means for you is that everything is falling into place perfectly from the timing, to the pieces coming together, to you being the perfect mind frame for what’s next. You will know exactly when and how to share your big news, so don’t worry about the hows, whys and wheres.



5. You may be fired up and are being very proactive with your life, your goals, just about everything however, you may have the blinders on and could be creating a lot of havoc in your wake. The advice from spirit is to continue moving forward but do be conscious of the possible consequences of your actions. You may be overlooking a few things because you are so goal-oriented and these things could cause you a headache or two down the road. Being this proactive is awesome, but don’t forget to do something about the possible red flags.


6. Your message is to go within and meditate and or contemplate on the character traits that you may have viewed as flaws and turn them into your own super powers. Each individual is unique and has qualities that are purposeful even if they may seem to be challenges. For example; you may know that you have a stubborn side ~ apply that stubbornness to the area(s) where willpower and inner strength are needed to push forward let’s say maybe fighting for your rights when you know you have been wronged. An example of this could be you are overcharged for car repairs, instead of paying the extra money, speak up. You have alchemical gold within you that may be hiding behind some character traits that need some polishing. Get to work on your personal magic.


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