What You See First In This Picture Will Reveal Your True Personality

Personality tests can be a very interesting thing to take part in.

There are many different types of personality test and though many are concise and thorough, like the Myers-Briggs personality test, a trade mark of a good personality test, is that it’s not only informative, but fun!

One of our personal favorite types of personality tests, are optical illusions.

An optical illusion is an illusion that is caused when the wires in your brain gets crossed.

Our brains process millions of bits of information a second from what your eyes see, to interpret what you are seeing.

And not all of that information gets processed correctly.

Sometimes, when there’s a lot of data to process our brains will make the quick decisions to prioritize the things we think are most important, and only show those things to us.

It’s similar to when athletes say they “get in the zone” and the only thing that exist is their current objective.

Everything else fades away and all that is left is what we deem most important.

A good optical illusion takes advantage of this process of your brain, and flips things around to reveal things about yourself that can only be discovered through the split second decisions your brain makes, when first looking at an image.

Our subconscious comes out in some of the most unexpected ways. Sometimes the things we choose reflect things we are facing within that we might not even be aware of.

In the image below you will notice some quite interesting things. Once you take a look one thing should stand out above all else from that very moment. What do you see? Once you do this continue on the see what the thing you saw first means for you.

What did you see first?

If you see:


If you saw the eyeball first you are someone who keeps focused on the things ahead. You don’t waste your time trying to figure things out because you already have quite the plan. With that being said, you also should relax more, you are overworking yourself.


If you saw the sink/drain first you are concerned with wasting your time. You feel like anything that isn’t pushing you forward is holding you back and that is not necessarily true. You should allow yourself to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Source: https://rwcnews.com

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