What You Will Struggle With Most In 2018 According To Your Star Sign

Probably since the dawn of time, it’s been part of the human condition to wonder about what is coming. What will be your highs and lows, where will you end up, and who will you be this time in twelve months? Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait for most of those answers! Nobody can see into the future, but there is a way to make a reasonable assumption about what’s in store for you: your zodiac sign.

Some believe that our star signs determine much about us, and so we can use them to guess things about ourselves that haven’t happened yet. Your zodiac is said to have an effect on your personality, on the things you like and don’t like, on the type of people you are attracted to, and also, your strengths and weaknesses. When looking at your weaknesses, it’s easy to see what you might struggle with in the near future!

Every sign is predisposed to something different, but that’s not to say that you’re totally doomed! We all make mistakes and go through hard times, and the best part about it is we learn to overcome our obstacles. You might struggle with the following vices naturally, but it’s never too late to make a change!

15. That Aries Aggression Will Get You In Trouble

Let’s be honest, Aries. You have always had a bit of a temper. You are such a passionate person that it’s easy for you to just get lost in your feelings, and sometimes, lose your cool. In 2018, it looks like you may struggle with the consequences that anger inside you may cause.

Anger is an emotion that you’ll never avoid altogether, and it’s entirely appropriate in some cases. You just have to learn how to contain your anger and subsequent aggression before it gets you in trouble. Speaking and acting impulsively can leave you with some real regrets, especially when your heart is as big as it is. It might be a good idea to work on some anger management techniques that will help you to tone down that aggression.

14. Being Stubborn Will Make Taurus Miss Out

There’s no point in denying it: Taurus is stubborn. You like things your way, and though you can be open minded, it is very hard for others to convince you of anything. While it’s good to stick to your guns in some circumstances, and this is actually a trait that others admire about you, putting your fingers in your ears and turning your head the other way could do more harm than good for you in 2018.

Being unwilling to see things from another point of view might have you making the wrong decision, and missing out on something that could turn out to be pretty great. Just remember to try and keep an open mind and be a little flexible, so you leave yourself open to wonderful possibilities!

13. And Possessing People Will Push Them Away, Taurus

Aside from being stubborn, Taurus is very affectionate and loyal. When you make friends and form other relationships, you like to get as close to them as possible. A social person, you thrive on strong bonds with others, and when you find somebody you like, nothing makes you happier than building a strong relationship.

You come from a good place, but this could lead you to be a bit possessive over people in 2018. Only wanting to be close to them and enjoy a connection, you might actually end up coming off as too controlling and obsessive over them. This might then push them away, which is the opposite of what you want. Instead, make sure you’re giving everyone their space while still being there when they need you!

12. Gemini Must Learn That Consistency Is Key

Consistency is key for all signs, but nobody needs to learn this more than Gemini. Passionate and curious, you tend to be inconsistent in a number of areas in life, and this could lead to big problems in 2018.

You’re not inconsistent because of laziness; it’s quite the opposite, actually. You are so excited to see and do everything you can that you just get distracted from the task at hand, and often don’t end up finishing it because you’ve already found the next thing that stimulates you. This applies to jobs, partners, friends, homes, hobbies and everything else in your life. We know you get bored easily, but try to stick things out in 2018 and see where they take you. You might end up being pleasantly surprised!

11. Insecurity Causes Cancer To Act In Strange Ways

Though Cancer has many amazing strengths that leave other signs in awe, you do tend to fall victim to insecurity more than others. Overthinking and over-feeling just about everything, you notice small flaws on yourself and react strongly to them, leaving you with a feeling that you’re not good enough. And while insecurity like this doesn’t come from an evil place, it can manifest in some pretty ugly ways!

People who act out of insecurity might put others down to make themselves feel good, sabotage the happiness of other people, or even act in a way that does not reflect their morals and beliefs at all, just to get attention and approval. Rather than falling down that rabbit hole in 2018, focus on all the things you love about yourself, and surround yourself with people who make you feel good.

10. Leo’s Laziness Will Finally Boil To The Surface

Leo really is like a lion in just about every way. You have that fiery side to you that sees you relentlessly pursuing the things you want, you’re confident enough to be the king or queen of any room, and you’re so charismatic that others can’t help watching in awe as you majestically move around. Unfortunately, you’re also like the lion who loves to lounge about in the sun all day—you can be just a tad lazy!

There’s nothing wrong with relaxing and enjoying life, but in 2018, make sure that your laziness doesn’t get the better of you. Remember that there’s a time and place for everything, and you don’t want to be lazing about when there’s work to be done or opportunities to be grabbed.

9. Virgo Has To Speak Up Or Get Out

Manners and politeness are what Virgo does best. Being a perfectionist, you rarely speak unless you’ve planned exactly what you’re going to say and you’ve anticipated everybody’s reactions to it. Though you’re self-critical and also criticize others in your head, you aren’t the type to offend people with your words.

That’s a positive thing, and the people in your life appreciate it. That being said, you have to be careful that your need to plan everything and only speak when it’s polite to do so doesn’t end up making you lose your voice altogether. You’re very clever and have a lot to contribute to any conversation, so don’t be afraid of overcoming your fear of speaking up in 2018. You might be surprised what you can achieve with a few words!

8. Let It Go, Libra

Libra is one of the friendliest signs of the zodiac. A people-person by nature, you know how to relate to others in a way that most people don’t. This often means that you have lots of friends and are extremely popular. And when you have so many friends and acquaintances, sooner or later, one of them is going to do something to upset you.

In 2018, you will struggle with letting go of the grudges you’re holding against others. Since you’re usually very agreeable, you will grant forgiveness when others seek it, but you don’t forget what they’ve done, and you don’t stop feeling bad about it. That can leave you with a lot of pain and frustration on the inside, so where you can, move on from the past and give people a clean slate.

7. Scorpio’s Secrets Do More Harm Than Good

Being loyal doesn’t mean that you don’t keep secrets. Nobody knows this better than Scorpio! You are the most loyal sign of the zodiac and will fight for the people you love until the very end. Loyalty is so important to you that you expect the same kind of treatment back from the people in your life. But despite all that, you still have a few secrets that you’re harboring inside.

You might find that in 2018, you could lose control of all your secrets, and they could come back to bite you in the butt. To avoid getting embarrassed by having your secrets revealed, or letting them ruin the important relationships you have, try to limit them as much as possible. Share what you can with who you can. You’ll sleep better at night!

6. Sagittarius Makes Too Many Promises And Can’t Keep Any Of Them

As a Sagittarius, you have a big heart full of love! You are friendly by nature and love pleasing people (though you aren’t one to bend over backwards for anyone!). This often leads you to make endless promises to those you care about, and when you make these promises, you have every intention of fulfilling them.

The only problem is you’re not a superhero, and you can’t fulfill them all. Even the most determined and disciplined person in the world can’t be there for everyone at once, and let’s face it, you do tend to get carried away and distracted by your curiosity for the world instead of concentrating on the task. Don’t worry—people love this about you! But to avoid disappointing people you care about, only commit to things that you can actually honor.

5. And Words Are Powerful And Might Be Your Undoing, Sagittarius

A few of the signs should learn that words are much more powerful than they get credit for. While some signs don’t use them enough to get what they want, Sagittarius has the opposite problem: you underestimate how effective they are and don’t plan them carefully enough. This makes you say things that people can take the wrong way, which can leave you with some pretty big regrets.

You’re not an overly sensitive person, so it takes some pretty strong words to upset you. But not everyone can say that, and if you’re not careful about what you say in 2018, you could end up really offending someone you care about, without meaning to. Remember to make sure the filter between your brain and your mouth is working properly next year, and you won’t have any problems!

4. Careful Capricorn Needs A Lesson In Forgiveness

Other signs envy Capricorn for your dedication and work ethic, for your intelligence and for the control you have over your emotions. But one of the downsides to the Capricorn personality is that you tend to be more cold than warm, and you find it hard to open your heart and forgive people.

We understand that not everybody wants or deserves forgiveness. But at the same time, you should realize that forgiveness is more of a benefit to you than it is to them. You shouldn’t forgive people to be kind to them, but to be kind to yourself! Releasing that pain will help you to stop re-living it and carrying around hurt and anger with you, which hurts you much more than it hurts them.

3. And Expecting The Worst Only Brings The Worst, Capricorn

While Capricorn has an amazing vision of what you want in life, you also have a habit of putting a negative spin on things. In other words, you’re a bit cynical! There is definitely a danger in overestimating things and getting your hopes up when you shouldn’t, but you struggle with finding the balance that you need, and this could cause problems in 2018.

In the coming year, if you only expect the worst of everyone and everything, that’s what you will get. Many believe that we attract into our lives what we focus on, and we bring about what we expect to happen. So considering that, try to focus on the positive side of things, and see the good in people rather than the bad. You’ll probably find that you’re a lot happier living like that!

2. Emotions Are Part Of Life, Aquarius, Whether You Like It Or Not

Some signs have an issue with being too sensitive and too emotional, but Aquarius has the opposite problem. It’s not good to be too sensitive and be totally dominated by your emotions, but it’s also not great when you avoid all emotion altogether. In 2018, you could struggle with this quite a bit.

No one is saying you have to be overly emotional at all times. Some things are better to approach without any emotion at all. But there are some circumstances where you need to think with your heart and where you need to know how you feel, rather than just what you think. Don’t be afraid of your emotions, and instead learn to embrace them so you can work with them, not against them.

1. Pure-Hearted Pisces Shouldn’t Trust So Quickly

Pisces is a bit of a dreamer. Rather than having a cynical view of the world or even a balanced view, you look at everything in a positive light and expect the best from everyone. While this can give you some happiness and peace, in 2018 you should be careful about trusting absolutely everyone.

This will be hard for you because you have a natural desire to form bonds with people and expect only good things from them. Unfortunately, not everybody is worthy of your trust, and if you give it to them, you could end up getting seriously hurt. You can still expect the best from people, but don’t open yourself up to being hurt. Hope for the best, but keep your guard up so you avoid being disappointed or betrayed.

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