You Can Now Stay In Greek Overwater Bungalows At Only A Fraction Of The Maldives Price

Ever fancied a trip to The Maldives but don’t really have the budget to be forking out for that kind of luxury getaway? We might have just the answer for you and it’s in Greece.

Alright, alright. You might not be waking up with the ocean at the foot of your bed. But some would argue water’s water albeit, the alternative would be slightly more chlorine infused that salt.

Well, as the saying goes – you can’t have everything and if you are trying to save dosh then Stella Island Luxury Resort might be for you.

Situated right on the coast of Crete – and with it’s own private beach, may I add – the adult only hotel offers guests a luxurious stay with the option to upgrade your room so that it’s over the water and you can physically swim up to it (or do a cannonball first thing in the morning, whatever tickles your fancy).

Credit: Stella Island Resort
Credit: Stella Island Resort

The hotel has a lagoon-style outdoor pool and a spa which stretches around the entire resort. Visitors can choose from two bars (or go to one after the other), as well as a buffet or a la carte restaurant.

There are six different room types to choose between, they include: Island Villa Private Pool, Over Water Bungalows, Premium Double Swim Up, Luxury Double Swim Up, Premium Double Pool View and Luxury Double Pool View. They, I hope you agree, do what it says on the tin and I don’t need to explain which is which.

It is worth noting however that the Island Villa Private Pool and each of the two ‘Premium’ options sleep up to three people.

According to prices from On The Beach, you could book a room from £118 per adult, per night. Of course, the price would go up if you were upgrading.

Credit: Stella Island Resort
Credit: Stella Island Resort

At the time of writing this article, prices are £890 per person for a pool view room (at half board) and a luxury swim up would set you back £1,250 (again, half board). For a deluxe villa private pool you’d be looking at around £1,660 (half board) and you can expect the cost to increase by around £200-£300 per person.

Pack yer trunks, we’re on our way.

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