You Were Born to Live Alone, If You Have 5 Out of These 6 Traits

Wanting to stay alone doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is lonely. You see, a loner and lonely person are two different ideas. Some people like to live alone.

Who’s a loner?

It’s a person who feels so comfortable with himself that he tries to stay away from people. This person loves being alone. He likes to be with his own thoughts and feelings. These loners seem to be their best versions when they’re away from the human drama.

Are you a loner too? If you identify with 5 of the below 6 traits, you are born to live alone!

1. You avoid drama.

As a lone-wolf, you blend well with people who share their qualities and not with too outgoing people. You stay away from unreasonable incidents and are least interested in indecisive or irrational people. You avoid large groups, as you would rather spend quality time in a proper conversation than idle group chatter.

2. Time is valuable to you.

You value your own time as well as the time of other people. So, you’re extremely punctual, productive and can manage your time wisely. This quality makes loners reliable and trustworthy and thus deserve respect.

3. You know your capabilities.

As a loner, you know exactly what you like or what you dislike. You are well aware of your abilities and know which things inspire or inhibit you. Because of this, you are capable of staying calm in problematic situations since you know what to do. Whereas, other people panic before thinking.

4. Personal boundaries are important.

You enjoy being with yourself. So, if people try to invade your personal space, it makes you uncomfortable. In the same way, you respect other people’s personal boundaries. This makes you a great companion that people love being around.

5. You’re intuitive and empathetic.

A loner has a strong sense of gut-feeling. They can understand people and their feelings as they’re super attentive and self-aware. Since you are in total control of your own emotions, it’s not hard for you to understand other people’s emotions. You like staying isolated but your qualities make you welcome. You have the ability to put yourself in other’s positions and understand that person.

6. You love yourself.

How can a person live alone and not love himself? As a loner, you’ve learned to accept your own self truly – your flaws, which you work on improving and your strengths. Once you’ve accepted who you are, you start loving yourself. But there are a few people you do let in your life. They’re truly special to you and they make you complete.

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