Your Mercury Sign Will Give You Better Insight on Your Communication Style

When we’re talking astrology, Mercury is normally only discussed when it’s in retrograde and wreaking havoc on our lives, but there’s so much more to this planet that you may not realize.

Mercury was the Roman god of communication and his influence inspires how you communicate with others. You can find your sign using your birth date and year, depending on the date you may also need to know what time you were born.

Once you find your mercury sign, read ahead to find out what your communication style is.


Aries is known for being hardworking and passionate. You’re always on the move, which would explain their quick and direct communication styles. You’re also easily frustrated by people who don’t come right out and say what they mean. To avoid any miscommunication, make sure to respond to people instead of react to them. Focus on your tone as well–you can sometimes come off more aggressive than you mean.


Taureans are known for their reliable and stubborn nature. You like to take the time to think through things completely, and when you come to a decision you stick with it no matter what. You’re honest and direct but your tendency to gloss over details is your biggest weakness. Soften up a bit, the world isn’t black and white, there are shades of grey as well. Try not to get frustrated when others don’t communicate in the same way.


Gemini’s duality is its most well known trait, it allows you to be social when you want, and more serious and reserved during other times. You’re incredibly charming and feel comfortable talking to anyone about any anything. Miscommunication happens for you when the topics get too heavy or if the dialogue becomes too tedious. This can lead you to appearing a bit shallow or even flakey. Work on focusing on the conversation, even if it goes somewhere you don’t want it to.


Cancer is a sensitive sign which makes it really easy for you to shut down in certain social situations. You’re a fantastic listener and tend to respond more to the energy of the conversation instead of what’s actually being said. You can often come across as defensive or even easily hurt so make sure to watch that. Work on building up the confidence to speak your mind. What you have to say is valuable.


Leos are known for being energetic and kind-hearted. You are a natural born leader and love a good show and value flash. The way you speak keeps everyone rapt and at attention, but you also have a problem with dominating conversations. To avoid any miscommunication or conflict, learn to share your spotlight. Your opinions are valued, but everyone deserves to feel the same way.


Virgos are methodical, practical, and take things pretty seriously. You live for the little details and want your communication to be straightforward and concise which can make you seem a little rigid. You also respond to people promptly and are always on time which can makes you a bit judgmental of others who aren’t the same. Just remember that it’s okay to loosen up every once in a while, this will help save you from any miscommunication.


Libras will do anything for harmony. You are naturally talented at finding compromises whenever there’s conflict. You speak carefully and deliberately. You are full of level-headed advice because you value kindness and tact above all. To avoid any miscommunication (and frustration) remember that you cannot please everyone all the time. Sometimes you need to put yourself first.


Scorpios are fearless and passionate. You may find that your conversations tend to get a bit intense very quickly because small talk annoys you. Getting to the point is important but sometimes you just need to relax. Not everyone can handle the intensity like you can. Learn to appreciate small talk–you don’t have to like it but it’ll help you with social situations.


Sagittarians are known for being carefree, open, and honest. You like to speak from the heart and don’t really care for the details. You prefer to look at the big picture and your idealistic attitude can also be one of your weaknesses because unfortunately things don’t always end up how you want it to. You tend to run into miscommunication when people have to bring you back down to earth. Learn to listen to others when you speak and don’t make too many promises you can’t keep.


Capricorns are known for being sensible and straightforward. You’re an incredibly practical communicator which can make you seem a bit strict and even authoritative. Miscommunication comes for your rigidness–you value your time and like chats to get to the point. Loosening up will help you avoid miscommunication.


Aquarians are completely unpredictable but excellent communicators. In fact you might be so good that you often find yourself speaking without thinking. You also love playing devil’s advocate which usually causes heated conversations. This is where your risk of miscommunication lies. That devil’s advocate shtick gets old fast for many and some probably are unsure if you’re being serious or not. Learn to let things go.


Pisces are pretty gentle and go-with-the flow. You’re a dreamer and sometimes forget to communicate directly. You are also incredibly emotional and put that into your words. Miscommunication happens when you struggle to get to the heart of the matter. Learn to be more direct when you’re talking with others.

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