Your Worst Month Of 2019 According To Your Zodiac Sign

Taking a look at the 2019 horoscope predictions for each sign, it would be difficult to contest the fact all 12 are in line for a prosperous year. With Jupiter’s positioning in Sagittarius for the majority of 2019, every sign ought to benefit from increased luck, optimism and a sense of adventure. However, as is life, the year will certainly have its highs and its lows. You can’t have all the luck, so discover which 2019 month will be worst for your zodiac sign.

The new year has begun and our 2019 Horoscope really does show us that everyone is in store for a great year, regardless of your zodiac sign. Sadly, while there are some particularly lucky zodiac signs in 2019, every sign will encounter at least one testing month.

2019: Which Will Be The Worst Month For Each Zodiac Sign?

Having completed our yearly astro forecast for every sign among the horoscope, we can now reveal will be the worst month for each zodiac sign. These predictions don’t necessarily mean you need to live in fear during you worst month, but rather underline some potential pitfalls or troubles that you might run into. With this knowledge in advance, you should breeze through these months with too many bumps in the road!


Your worst month is July

While it might be the height of summer for you, July will undoubtedly be a challenging month for the Aries personality. With a Mercury Retrograde beginning at the start of the month, tensions will rise and conflict could be headed your way.


Your worst month is December

A Full Moon in Taurus is said to be a very intense emotional time not only for Taurus, but for all of us. This astrological event will play a part in how we manage relationships and sadly for this sign, there will be a lot of tension in the workplace. Hang on because December will be a tough month for you.


Your worst month is February

To put it frankly, this will be a difficult month for Geminis to navigate through. The fact that several planets will enter Pisces in February indicates that confusion and anxiety will cloud the decisions you make. You’re prone to being deceived and manipulated, so always get a trusted second opinion.


Your worst month is March

Your biggest challenges in this under-whelming month will be romantic. While Mars in Taurus will provide you with energy, Mercury Retrograde in Pisceswill halt any progress you were making dating or in a couple. This should all change in the months that follow, so don’t burn any bridges too quickly!


Your worst month is July

It seems the Mercury Retrograde will equally have an effect on Leo in July, as stress might threaten to get the best of you. Hearing that your worst month coincides with your birthday may not be the most enthralling news, but at the very least you’ll enjoy a comfortable end to the year from then on.


Your worst month is March

With the new moon in Pisces and another Mercury Retrograde, everyone will become more susceptible to small delay and inconveniences. You may struggle more than others as your increased nervousness could lead to mishaps in other areas of life – most notably in relationships. Keep it cool when the frustration begins to mount.


Your worst month is February

The continued presence and influence of both Uranus and Pluto will have a destabilizing effect on you early on in the year. As somebody that needs balance in their life, you might struggle with wild mood swings as you overcompensate to try and find a healthy equilibrium.


Your worst month is July

With Scorpio encountering its most difficult times in the same month as a couple of other zodiacs, it appears on the whole that July will be the most challenging period of the New Year. For Scorpio-born people, issues regarding communication may frustrate you and even provoke you to act rashly, which can often lead to tears.


Your worst month is April

It shouldn’t come as too much surprise that you Sagittarians will face a couple of issues in the same month that your ruling planet Jupiter begins retrograde. After your strong start to the year, you may feel stuck and constrained, both financially and geographically. Tension may also creep into your private life.


Your worst month is March

Another troublesome month overall, the astrological events during March may cause communication problems to appear in your life. Again, the most impactful and influential presence will be that of the Mercury Retrograde. Normally highly adept at expressing yourself, you may struggle to impose your opinion and persuade people in your usual manner.


Your worst month is July

July looks like it will be your worst month of 2019 as you’ll likely have some serious relationship issues. It’s not your style but issues pertaining to the past, regarding both your history and your partners, could be the root of your problems. Be clear with your feelings to mitigate this.


Your worst month is March

At first, this month may present itself as promising period with the transit of Uranus into Taurus bringing small positive changes. However, the presence of Jupiter later in the month will cause you to encounter some financial difficulties. This will be made all the more difficult by an exciting opportunity which will tempt you to open the checkbook!

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